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Rate "Up in Flames"


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This live version maybe a 5 or 6. The audio quality wasn't helping you couldn't hear a lot of details. I'm guessing the album version will be more like a 7, possibly an 8 if there are some nuances I couldn't notice in the tube version.


The Scientist is simple, this is closer to boring, at least for now.


Charlie Brown

MX/Hurts Like Heaven


Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Us Against the World



Up in Flames




Major Minus


The spaces are to show some delineation. I see Paradise and Up in Flames as just OK so far, really like ETIAW and UATW and love Charlie Brown and Hurts Like Heaven.

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Well, talking about the song, it really comforts me. But I think it lacks something in the end.

Coldplay used to write songs with a final significant overturn with a pace change and a sentimental revolution at first. I can cite as example Amsterdam or Square One... don't even go so far, Christmas Lights has a twist at the end too.


But here we just got another lullaby, no offenses. I hope it gets a hidden track to complement it.



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Give it a good studio version and perhaps a nice video and maybe it will be a 10... Does not seen to be a song that they will play a lot live, unfortunately. Im expecting this on 10/01 at Rock in Rio x)


I give it a 8/10, cause its kinda depressing but it reminds me of their b-sides. But again, the quality sux.

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Hmm . . . I'll give it a solid 8 at this point in time. The video quality makes it very difficult to hear the lyrics and the various instrumental parts (except for Will).


I have to agree with Teco though, the reason I love Fix You, Amsterdam, Swallowed In The Sea, Everything's Not Lost, Christmas Lights, etc. is because there's that final kick at the end that really brings out the emotion. While I don't think the guys should have added an awesome Jonny-riff at the end of this one (it would wind up sounding much too similar to Fix You), I think there should be something more at the end instead of the final drum beat. Maybe because it was rush-recorded, they didn't have enough time to write a more complex instrumental setup?


Aside from that, the only thing that bugs me about this song is that it has another one of those single phrases repeated / single word repeated choruses. It seems that every song from this era either has no chorus at all, or has a very short one that consists of few words.


Still, it's one of the better songs so far from this era. I'd put it third, behind Major Minus and Moving to Mars :nod:

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How can you rate it when you haven't heard a decent quality version of the song? You people make me sick.


Your close-mindedness and inability to distinguish between good and bad audio quality makes me sick. You're all so lucky that we've been spoiled with these pro-shot records, I swear. :p


So just out of curiosity (and because I don't want to start another thread) are Paradise, UIF, and DLIBYH the only new new songs seeing live debut this weekend? No UFO, MX in entirety, or anything?

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I give it a 10.


It is a beautiful song. I Love It!!!!

Not only that, but I just can't get over the fact of how simple this song is and how effective it made it. The first time I heard it, I felt so free :angel:


P.S If Mylo Xyloto is a story, im pretty sure the lyrics of this song mean something.

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I like the song. It's very beautiful, but a bit boring. Just as boring as us against the world. The album version will probably be much better. I like the part where the strings come in as chris is singing "so it's over....." And I know every single person that listened to it thought it sounded just like "Animals", lol. So my rating for this song is a 6 out of 10.

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