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I gave it a 5 after hearing the studio version, I hadn't heard any of the live versions. I had high hopes in the beginning because I kind of liked the drum beats, but it felt like there should have been more, I kept waiting for it to"kick in", or reach a climax or something. And I agree with a few other people that I don't really like when Chris sings so high. I know he does it a lot, but it grates on me with this song for some reason. However, having said all that I don't hate it. So I went in the middle with 5. It might grow on me after a few more times of listening...we'll see.

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After some listenings and thinking about the minimalistic character and its purpose in the context of the story I want to give it a 8.5-9.0. It really grew on me. This song shows perfectly the emptiness after losing someone you love. Very nice but the first 10 seconds are a bit strange.

The guitar of Jonny is great I think.

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Gave it a 6 after the first listen, I didn't like the falsetto and the repetition... But this song has grown on me so much (4 listens), I now believe it's one of the best things on the album.

It's hypnotizing, in the best possible way. All you have to do is surrender to the beat.





Edit: I'm afraid Chris might get pitchy live though. He's already on edge on the studio version.

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