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Will You Listen On The 19th?


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I looked and didn't find a thread for this. I guess I could have put it in the 'leak' thread, but it's a bit different.


Japan gets MX on the 19th. So, will you listen to the inevitable uploads or will you wait till your own release date?


I hate to admit it, but if the quality is good, I might 'cheat',lol. If what's online is crappy mp3s, I'll wait. I want to hear it for the first time at optimum quality!!


GAH...so psyched! :D


(And yes, I already know someone will post about this being yet another useless thread, so feel free to add it to your post count. ;))

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It's probably going to leak a full week before the official release in Europe, if Japan gets it on the 19th, I would be surprised if there isn't a leak by Oct 15. So really it's just a matter of two weeks until we hear it, imo.

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