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New Video = New Single?


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I'm picturing a desert shoot being for POC... but I'm not really sure why hah.

Maybe it's for one of the songs we haven't heard like DLIBYH, UwTB's or U.F.O.

I just can't picture any of the new songs having some sort of sound that relates to a desert. Excited to find out more though.


SIDE NOTE: also just spitballing, what if it's an alternative video for paradise.

they had two for viva.

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I bet Charlie Brown as well. Princess of China shouldn't be in a desert. That's just too many symbols that don't float together. And remember, Rihanna will likely have to be in the video...so doubt she's making it to Cape Town. OMG :facepalm:


Look... all i'm sayin' is if Rhianna wants to strip down and roll around in some sand while the guys play behind her, I'm down with that.



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hmmm, in my opinion it isnt charlie brown, lol, cuz if u based it on the lyrics, the music video should be in a street in a city and not in a desert, lol :)


I was thinking the same thing.


I also thing if there was a music video for charlie brown it would be very colorful and ecstatic judging from the way they play it live.

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