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Coldplay MX comic panel at Comic-Con (13 July 2012)


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Dont know if this is real... was it available yesterday?


(tweeted 15h ago)


Stephanie ∞ ‏@_sailorsteph

Bought two of @coldplay 's comic book Mylo Xyloto issue 1 !!! :D def determined to finish the set ! #sdcc

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Caroline Daniel ‏@cityofpaper

bought the #MyloXyloto comic! @coldplay


sneh ‏@lumosings

@cityofpaper flkasjdflkjsdfoijlkjsdfisofjw DOES IT LOOK BEAUTIFUL


Caroline Daniel ‏@cityofpaper

@lumosings YESS omg i just started flipping through it but i'll let you know how it is!

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Well, if anybody has spike, they are going to showcase comic con for three hours starting at 4:00 pm eastern time. Hopefully they will show some Coldplay but I have my doubts.


It's online too here: http://www.impactwrestling.com/news/item/3636-Friday-TNA-Teams-With-SpikeTV-For-Comic-Con-LIVE-Online-Coverage


But I think the MX comic panel already passed, and I don't think they showed it on the stream. Who knows though, they may show something.

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I know It's annoying, but many people would appreciate a scan of the Comic. I'm sure anyone on these forums has already spent hundreds of dollars of Coldplay tickets, albums, and merchandise. We'll all buy the comic when we can, but for now SPOILERS PLEASE:)


Thanks in advance!

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