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So, it’s a long story, and it’s going to stay that way!


When the band announced that their artwork would be published in Proud gallery, London, I was immediately attracted to the idea of seeing, what I consider to be, a beautiful piece of art. I loved the combination of colours & expression shown throughout its always fascinated me to think that they actually made this artwork (with help from Paris of course). So I immediately scheduled time to make sure I can go visit the venue & see the wonderful, colourful artwork.


Me & my friend Jamie – a part time fan - decided we would bunk the day off to go to London to see the exhibit So I booked with a “Cheap intercity Bus” organisation that had just the perfect route from Preston to London.


I have seen Coldplay on 8 different occasions. Each being different & special in its own. So on route, our first stop was at Bolton, outside the Reebok Stadium where I first watched the band live. This was the first gig I ever went to & by far a memorable one, with the recording of the Fix You music video being shot. An eternal treasure and memory from this one night.


Our next stop took us to Manchester, where, funnily enough I have seen the band on 3 occasions from the past 3 tours. We drove past the arena and many memories were running through the mind.


After leaving Manchester, we headed south. The route took us past Coventry, where from the motorway we could see the Ricoh Arena. Further down the road, the legendary arc & tiers of Wembley Stadium became visible before heading into north & central London & passing the Emirates stadium along the way. All of these venues in which I saw the band play live at*. Surely, it was a sign. That, or maybe the fact they tweeted to me the day before? Coldplay Tweet to me


*Missing one is the London BBC Studio’s


After reaching Victoria station & being within the vicinity of Buckingham Palace me & Jamie did some casual sight seeing before heading towards the exhibition in Chalk Farm.


When we got there, it was an amazing visual to see. The wall in its full colourful glory. I did notice strange things about the wall that I hadn’t previously noticed on the digital image, obviously some good photoshop-ing skills had been applied to the final product. Nonetheless, we stayed for about 15-20 minutes took pictures beside the wall, inspected each and every photo & print before heading out to post some fan mail to the bakery. A Hopeful Transmission to say the least.


A Picture of Me & The wall.



The Hopeful Transmission


After walking, for the majority, up hill, we arrived to notice lights were on at the Beehive with cars filling the small space available. There was definitely something going on. Having seeing Rik’s tweets from the previous day. I had a feeling we were in for a treat.


Further down the road, there was another car blocking the front door/side door of the bakery. I walked down the alleyway, removed my letter from my jacket, gave it a lucky kiss, and posted it through the letter box. I turned around to Jamie who said “What now?”. I replied, I’ve a feeling something’s happening here, all these cars and lights; we’ll sit on that bench until 2pm (40mins away).


So on the bench we sat, to find a man, tall, bald, dressed in jeans, dark shirt, leather boots and funky glasses exit the bakery, cross the road, stare at us both whilst crossing and enter the Beehive. No it wasn't Miller. He definitely raised suspicions and within 3mins he was back, crossing the road to return to the bakery. My initial thought was.. Has my hopeful transmission worked? Could I potentially be meeting one or more of my idols?


Minutes past and the activity seemed minimal, my friend Jamie was getting agitated and wanted to leave, he started to pace up and down the road. Whilst he was doing that a security man entered the alley, which caught Jamie’s attention. He looked at me & said, he has a key. He stood their waiting at the door although he had a key. Jamie returned to tell me that he was just standing there and does have a key to get in.


When seconds later, I hear a door shut. The traffic lights are on red & no cars were coming. Chris Martin had just left the beehive and was about to cross the road.


“It’s Chris! I think” I said to Jamie with excitement. I watched him walk out, lift his hood up, head down and attempt to button up his jacket where he revealed the now infamous ‘Flower T-Shirt”.


Still sat on the bench:

Me:Oh my god It’s Chris

Jamie:Are you actually going to say he….


I had already left the bench, the traffic lights had turned green, Chris had crossed the road and I was dodging traffic to try meet and greet him. There were people stood outside the dog parlour, so I didn’t want to shout. He kept his head down and walking in his rather iconic & peculiar way. I approached him about 10 yards short of the group of people stood outside. I thought I was going to choke & not get my words out. However I quietly said, chris, hey Chris & offered my hand out to shake. In which Chris replied “Hi!” & shook my hand!


There was a couple of seconds of me being starstruck before I managed to get out the words:

Me: Hi Chris, It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Ian & I’m a massive, massive fan of you guys!”

Chris: Ahh cool man! Here, just come round the corner, we’ll have a chat & all that.


So as we walked around the corner, Chris said, “Don’t want to be left out standing in the street, but here is ok” & The conversation then followed:


Chris: So where have you guys come from? Oh man it’s a cold day today isn’t it?

Me: Yeah, “so cold, so cold” haha. I’m sorry was that a bit weird? Im sorry.. I’m from Preston.

Chris: *points towards me, smiles* oh yeah! (as if he had recognised that from my tweet the previous day, in which Anchor-man replied to) & no it wasn’t weird, well.. maybe a bit haha! What you doing in London?

Me: To see the exhibition! We’ve just been there, it was beautiful! Amazing work you guys did!

Chris: Ah thanks man, that’s so sweet, it means a lot to me & us as a band

Me: *Chuckles* But you’re giving it away?

Chris: I know *laughs*, but we need and have new things in here now & some crazy fan like yourself is going to want it more than we do!

Jamie: He’d buy it if he could!

Me: Probably!

Jamie: Ian’s been to 8 of your shows!

Chris: Really? 8? The first one must have been good, cause you came back haha!

Me: It was a good one, Reebok Stadium, Bolton!

Chris: ah yeah! Look guys, I don’t know about this picture that were gna have by the way, I’ve got a black eye! (looked sore) At least it will be unique though! (the picture). Just don’t put it on Twitter (with a serious face on) haha im just kidding but its just if anyone sees it & wants to make a headline in a newspaper or whatever.. I don’t mind though!

Me: How come you’ve gotten a black eye?

Chris: I… errmm.. I got something stuck in it!


Jamie gets the camera out, & me & chris stand side by side for the pic. I say to Jamie


Me: Make sure it’s a good one haha!

Chris: Yeah, Take a few!


Jamie had troubles with the camera, was on the wrong setting at first so that maybe explains our expression of happiness.. trust me I was dying inside!


Photos got taken.. & then I continued:


Me: Thanks Chris, It means the world to me, youre like my idol! You & your music has had the biggest influence on my life & as a person. You do have the best job in the world & you deserve it!


Chris: wow, *chuckles* no problem, & thanks Ian, it is Ian right? *I nod* yeah Ian! & to be honest, without people like you, I wouldn’t have all this *waving arms in the direction of the bakery & beehive*, so you’re the biggest influence on my life! Haha


Me: erm.. *starstruck* I was scared for you guys on the last album, Mylo Xyloto

Chris: wow! You can say it *laughs* but really? Scared? Why Scared man?

Me: cause in the interviews you said it could be your last!?

Chris: no, no, no way! Don’t be scared man.

Me: [but’s In ] But im really happy to hear youre making new music!

Chris: Well, I’m gna be honest, this next album is going to be FUCKING AWESOME! & This is where its going to get really good for us, this is when were going to start getting really big. Seriously, I can’t wait for you to hear it! (he was so enthusiastic about this, pacing around)

Me: oh wow! Sounds amazing haha anymore collabs or?

Chris: No, not on this one, but its going to be fucking awesome, really, I already know it! I have this feeling!

Me: amazing man, ahh im so excited!!! Sounds amazing already!

Chris: It is, I promise you!

Me: Is anyone else here today to chat & get a picture with?

Chris: Erm no, just me today, the guys who set up; Rik & Dan & engineers are here but you wont want to chat or get a picture with them I imagine haha! No but Jonny & Guy are out of town & Will, I don’t know where Will is!

Me: Ahh ok, it’s a shame, but, sorry, I just met you & I’m a bit starstuck! Kind of a highlight of my life to meet you! Its all downhill from here until I get married & have kids haha!

Chris: It’s ok man, its nice to see people like you & besides, you’ve got our next album to look forward to!

Me: yes! Indeed I have!

Chris: Can I just say before you go, it means a lot to me that you’ve come all this way to say such nice things to me, I’m not going to lie or be big-headed here; I’ve probably made your day, but you’ve made mine! I seriously mean that! Imagine how you’d feel if I came to Preston to tell you, you are great at what you do! What would you do?

Me: I… have no idea, I don’t know how to answer that, Unreal I think is the word

Chris: It is unreal & that’s how I feel when I get to meet the guys who give me everything! Anyway, I’ve to go now, Thanks again though Ian! & I’m sorry what’s your name!?

Jamie: Jamie!

Chris: yeah ok so, thanks Ian, thanks Jamie! & take care yeah!?

Me: ok cya!


Chris walks towards the door, I shout:


Me: Oh Chris!

Chris: yep?

Me: Next time you sell out Manchester Arena, look for me! I’ll be front row, singing along to everything no doubt!

Chris: haha ok! I’ll look out for you..promised, Alright bye!!


And that was, that, I met Chris Martin. He was such a gracious and humble guy to us and I loved how he spent about 5 minutes of his time to speak about things. Some very exciting details too!


Here is a link to my Facebook album for the day’s trip. It was the perfect day, everything I wanted to happen on my trip, happened. Was worth everything I’ve ever spent on the band.


It was an amazing and most surreal moment, but the image of him crossing the road remains so vivid in my mind. And the conversation, Jamie and me ran through what we talked about over and over taking notes on the iPhone on the walk to parliament hill. Jamie also decided to film my reaction after walking the corner of the bakery there are images of my face & my reaction in that facebook album!


I brought my Live 2012 Blu-Ray with me & a green marker for him to sing, but forgot to ask. That was the only downside but, it was an amazing experience & the ‘hopeful transmission’, should he have read it says the things I maybe didn’t already say.


My Twitter feed blew up & many asked questions what happened!? I thought the best way to tell everyone is by sharing it through here & also for you guys to view.

My Twitter: IanHasGreenEyes


So yeah, that’s my; I met Chris Martin story! On the journey home, today. I listened to Strawberry Swing a lot, because it really was “such a perfect day”.


Hope you enjoy reading!

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Holy crap man, HOLY FUCKING CRAP!


Wow that was a nice post, so detailed and everything! And Chris got a black eye, oh noes! D:


Chris: I… errmm.. I got something stuck in it!


But the way he says this... who knows if he's saying the truth! :lol:


Thank you so much for your incredible post, it always makes me happy when fans share their experiences! :wacky:


And this one:


Chris: Can I just say before you go, it means a lot to me that you’ve come all this way to say such nice things to me, I’m not going to lie or be big-headed here; I’ve probably made your day, but you’ve made mine! I seriously mean that! Imagine how you’d feel if I came to Preston to tell you, you are great at what you do! What would you do?


just makes Chris even more amazing to me than he already is. How can he be so nice all the time! :bomb: And I really like what kind of questions and things you said to him, especially what you said about their latest album and what Chris responded to that with the next album really makes me excited.


Ahh man, it's so cool he's so down to earth and talks to us fans :wacky: But he's right though, without us he wouldn't be living his dream :charming:


Thank you so much again for your story, and I really love your photo after you met him, HAHA star struck indeed! :lol:


I can only imagine how lucky you feel right now :)

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Seriously guys, he was a pleasure to meet & talk to.. His expression and enthusiasm when telling us about this new album was amazing to see.. It seemed like they've already got something big written up. He was so Excited about it! & about the eye, we'l never know, I wasn't sure about his answer on that one. I noticed he was having something done with his teeth too.. I've never seen what he had on/in his teeth before & I'm no dentist ha! was like small black fills where the gums would be.. I don't know.


I'm going to sleep now, or at least attempt to. I will reply early morning GMT! If you've any questions :) let me know

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I couldnt help but beam myself while reading this!! :D:D:D:D:D

I'm so happy for you and glad you got to meet your hero! It really is great to see how genuine Chris is, which is one of the reasons why he is my hero as well!

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Congratulations! What a great story, it's awesome when we fans meet Chris or the other band members and we are nice and pleasant, that makes him nice and pleasant to us in return. He seemed to be in a good mood, yeah? Something with his teeth and his eye, huh? Maybe that's what the trip to the pharmacy was for.

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Lovely story and so happy for you...oh dear about his eye and teeth :confused:

...I could also cry however as myself and Row were there yesterday and we left just after 1.30! :cry: Really glad you got to chat with him though, and he sounds so happy and positive :D

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Holymotherofgod :dead:


I had seen your tweet the other day!

Damn, what an amazing story! Chris is such an amazing man omg. I mean, we knew that already, but DAMN!

And you're a very lucky guy! :D Thanks for sharing your story!

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Omg this is so awsome!! Very happy for you!!:)


Now I'm sooo excited for the new album, if Chris says it's going to be fucking awesome then it really has to be fucking awesome!

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thanks for sharing this, it is mindblowing!

I went to the MX Exhibition yesterday, and then I thought of heading to the Bakery but then said "oh, no one would be there...". I am regretting not going now!

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I don't normally post, but I really have to do so here....Ian, what a fantastic story! I am just like you! I would definitely be waiting outside for hours just at a chance to run into Chris or the guys....and I have friends just like Jamie who would want to leave after sitting for 10 minutes lol! Anyway, what happened to you is like my biggest dream. You not only had a simple hello and goodbye, you actually had a real conversation with Chris! What a great guy he is, and he's not a snob like so many other celebrities! I am also incredibly happy to hear that there will be no collaborations on the next album, because Rihanna made me cringe and I don't want to live through that again! But seriously though, what a fantastic and wonderful story! I live all the way out in New York, about a half an hour from Manhattan, where Chris and Gwyneth have a home, if I am not mistaken. But to go and see the exhibition, and then visit the Bakery/Beehive and actually have a conversation AND take a picture with Chris...that is too great for any words. Only thing that would have been better is seeing the rest of the band as well, but hey...this is AMAZING. I am very happy for you and I hope to one day say I was able to do the same! Thanks for brightening up my day with this lovely story and photograph!

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