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Secret Santa 2013

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Secret Santa is on its way towards my match!!!! :santa::santa::santa:

It is so much fun and exciting to do!


The lady in the post-office told me it should arrive in (just) 4 days....

That would mean that Secret Santa will arrive really, I mean REALLY in time :rolleyes::smug::D

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Hello guys!!! :DDDDD

I've just arrived home and guess what I found in my mailbox...

I couldn't even breathe from my enthusiasm! I'm soo super happy!

Lots and lots and lots of thanks to my lovely Secret Santa LdySpace

who made my day! I can't believe what you did for me dear...(even you don't know me)

You are the most amazing person in the world <3 So kindhearted and generous and with a beautiful soul...

You devoted soo much time and effort to do those things for me! I LOVE YOU...

I'm so lucky to be your S.S.pal :)



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