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Secret Santa 2013

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I'm so happy! I got my package from my secret santa, Black Rose, from Wiltshire, England a couple days ago. Sorry I just now got to posting pictures! It includes a postcard, key chain, a piece of coldplay confetti, a festive picture, and a lovely note. Thank you so much! I never got confetti on the MX tour, so this means a lot to me. The key chain is going on my key ring tomorrow. Again, thanks so much to my lovely secret santa, Black Rose! This was so lovely! It made my day! :)




I feel bad that I've only just sent my match their package today, after I already got mine! The post office said it should be there in 5 to 10 business days, though. So hopefully it gets there soon!

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My secret santa's package arrived yesterday. Thank you, Joanna (bellynelly)! And thank you, Santa! The support from all over the world for Visayas (a region in the south of Philippines) that was recently devastated by Typhoon Haiyan is overwhelming. Thank you, everyone. WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR US.



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Wow that's still quite a few.


Santa, do you need to get your reindeer whip out?


I might send them a PM/email somewhere next week but I think most of those 61 people are about to send their card or forgot to tell me about it.

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many beautiful packages! i promise i will send mine this week. i was in sarajevo for few days and yet had some things to do before relaxing and all :)


first, i was thinking to just send a card and then i saw your submites... now i'm gonna buy something for my SS and surprise him/her :D

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I just received my Secret Santa gift! My match was the lovely Beata (Accola) from Poland :)





I absolutely love the drawing and the card (and so does the rest of my family haha!). It's beautiful! Compliments on Phil's sweet cheeks ;)

Looking for a photoframe to place it in as we speak.. THANK YOU :heart:



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Well, my secret santa gift+message arrived at the 30th of November, but I totally forgot to post it here. I really don't know who've sent it, but I really like it! It is a hanging thing with glass in it, so if the sun shines it will shimmer, what looks really cute. The message got a place on my closet, where all coldplay related photo's are ;) I really want to send a photo, but I really dont know how, so if anybody can help me, it would be nice.








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I really want to send a photo, but I really dont know how, so if anybody can help me, it would be nice. :)


You need to upload it on a website like Flickr or Photobucket and then you need to copy paste the code.

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I've got the package yesterday!

It's from Mr.Coldplaying and Mrs.Coldplaying :nice:

I've got 4 cute card toppers, chocolats, a Christmas stocking and a handmade card. I really like the handmade card related to Christmas Lights. :awesome:

Thanks so much Ian, Jen, Sammy and Jessie! It made my day! I really appreciate it! :heart: :heart:







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just back from the post office where I had to pick up a mysterious package. I had no clue about it but I was hoping it could be my Secret Santa...


And it is !!!!!!!!!!!







Thank you so much Marieta (Bubble1), I love everything you sent me:)


and I'm so jealous of your gorgeous handwriting:P

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