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[19-May-2014] Royce Hall, Los Angeles, USA


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Damn this setlist is REALLY gooooood. Don't panic, Til kingdom come... A whisper and A rush of blood were rehearsed... DAMNNNNN I can die happy


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A Rush of Blood to the Head was rehearsed again?!

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Alright, home and time for a review!


Regarding empty seats, it was nice to see that by the time Coldplay took the stage, I couldn't see any empty seats.



Really took everyone by surprise to open how they did. I knew they sound checked A Whisper, but really didn't expect it to be played. It was great! A guy sitting next to me tried to shazam it.

Atlas <3

Don't Panic!!

The Scientist <3

Yellow, making a comeback!

And the whole Ghost Stories. I kind of expected that.


Chris mentioned "ticket shenanigans", probably aware how difficult it was to get a ticket.

Jon Hopkins "Open Eye Signal" before stage time, sounded great.

Crowd was great, really into it.

Also, London Grammar was awesome.

What a great night!








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So that really was the first time A Whisper has ever been played live? Insane! Worth it just for it and Don't Panic alone. The new songs worked extremely well played all in a row - with how similar of a vein runs through them it really worked well back to back to back as opposed to staggering them throughout the setlist.


But yeah, that's crazy A Whisper had never been played before tonight. You'd think back in the AROBTTH days it would have made its way in there somewhere, but then again I heard back then they'd play pretty short shows, around an hour or so.

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Here is my sad recorded version of a whisper, forgot that when you turn the phone once you've started recording it doesn't turn with you :/ but at least y'all can hear it and cock your heads to the side to watch if you would like.



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I know I am not allowed to complain but the setlist of Cologne sucked next to this! I paid 125 dollars for that, and in LA they play 4 entire songs more and also the entire Ghost Stories AND Atlas/Don't Panic/'Til Kingdome Come/Yellow/A Whisper... Man I hope to get tickets for London.

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The show was fantastic!

After london grammar who were awesome, the theater slowly started filling up, from up in the balcony I could see where the empty seats were and by the time the show started I would say that at least 60 seats spread through out were not filled, a bunch in the first 8 rows, which is a shame because clearly there were people who really wanted tickets.


okay so about ten min before the show began two kids ( apple and Moses) came and sat behind the piano, Moses had glow in the dark headphones which he didn't keep on his ears the whole time haha. Can't blame him!


But holy set list of set lists! They were playing so many amazing songs tonight! With don't panic and a whisper as super delights! The guy next to me was using Wikipedia to figure out songs being played that he clearly didn't know... So first half of the show was an utter delight even with poor Jonny's guitar hiccup in the scientist ( it just didn't want to broadcast sound) the guys all had a smile on there faces and clearly looked to be enjoying themselves. And then the entire ghost stories album was top notch! I agree with what was said earlier about having that same flow throughout the album and when they mix the songs with other album songs it breaks it up a bit too much so playing them all together was a smart move.

overall a fantastic show and a great venue! Had awesome sound!


On our way back to the car we stopped to see if we might see an of the guys come out. We saw Phil and waved and then we saw miller was walking out and I asked him to write another blog and he just chuckled and kept walking so who knows if any good will come of it :)


I'll try And link some pictures when I'm back home in Texas and have my laptop.

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set list:




according to twitter, instead of fix you, they played yellow! it's been awhile.


I really really REALLY love that set list! So brilliant!!! :-D


I hope 1) they use the same in the royal Albert hall 2) I manage to get tickets



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Amazing setlist indeed. I'm really surprised they didn't open with Always in my Head. Think may be the first time in years they don't open with a song from the latest LP. Glad it's Atlas though. A Whisper is the best welcomed surprise in years. Any chance of HQ audio? (I'm waiting for it here http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/threads/100015-2014-05-19-Royce-Hall-Los-Angeles-USA-AUDIO-VIDEO?p=5663446#post5663446)

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That is a ridiculously amazing set list !!! So lucky... Wish I had gone, should have known they would play the full album through - I really wanted to experience that - I've been saying that they should do that for MX for a while - Maybe they listened for this album & really r making that effort - this hands down is a great setlist especially with the other gems thrown in - I thought a whisper was played once live back in arobtth tour but put quickly back in storage bc it didnt go over as well as they thought it would... Anyway, might have to get royal Albert hall tix if they pull this stunt again - I hope so

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Aw man, that's amazing!

I was willing to try to get tickets to this show but since they were on sale less than a week ago the airplane tickets were a lot more expensive :(


I didn't think they would play A Whisper! And it's sounds really good!

The whole setlist was awesome

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