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"Miracles" new original song by Coldplay for movie "Unbroken"

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Nice! From the parts we can hear, it has definately the potential to be a great soundtrack and unique Coldplay song. In some way sounds like mix of Paradise and Politik for me... However this clip doesn't give much clue how the song is structured and built up, but there is potential!

Melody sounds simple and nice, and crescendo sounds really promising. I really hope they didn't make it too short, it should be at least 5 minutes long. Let's wait for that song! ;)

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I am not sure whether this is the one mentioned here...Sky Movies Christmas HD UK Long Advert and Ident 2014: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODI2OTUzMzYw.html ; but if it is, those piano openings, I love:)


That definitely sounds like Coldplay. The piano sounds like Coldplay and so do the vocals... because I know(or what I have noticed) that with a commercial like this involving they'd use a Christmas song you've heard a thousand times...

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Confirmed, it's Miracles in the Sky Movies advert!

It sounds like a masterpiece to me!





I'm sorry, but I'm incredibly hesitant. Does it sound good? Sure. But the "proof" is only some guy. He may or may not be dependable, but I think it's rather pathetic people are so quick to "confirm" something like this.

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From this short extract I can say that the first piano part reminds me of O. The second part reminds me of the second part of fix you without voice. A crescendo with choirs only.

Structurally it could be similar to magic. I hope so.

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Can't wait either! I found this ''unbroken'' soundtrack on youtube, and it definitely sounds like a part of the Sky Christmas advert (Miracles?). Sounds beautifull! Goosebumps...



oops...it seems Confidential Music - Unashamed...wel, miracles fits the mood i think...

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i guess we can expect miracles to be released very soon. interviews for unbroken promo since live 2014 was last week?


Kristien Morato @KristienMorato ·

Exciting week ahead! I'll be interviewing #ChrisMartin, #GwenStefani & #ParrellWilliams in LA and then I'm off to NYC for more interviews!

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