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Where should Coldplay visit for their next world tour?


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I agree that the guys should visit Latin America. It has been awhile. As well as some of the places they've never been, if possible, to give those who've never seen them live the defining moment of doing so. :)


And if we're lucky enough, we'd love to have them in Minneapolis/St.Paul again. Last time was wonderful. :)

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Edmonton, AB, Canada!


They've come to Edmonton for the Viva La Vida tour and the MX tour, and it's been indescribably amazing both times! It only makes sense for them to come for their next world tour :)



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Latin America? Please? Pleeeeeeease? :)

Just like the other people here pointed out, it would be really cool to have more places apart from the typical ones. Like, guys, it's been a long long while since the last Latin American Tour, specially since the :mx: LA leg was cancelled. Not that I resent that. Not a bit. Like, really, I'm perfectly fine with it. Seriously. :rolleyes:


Also, I'd like to reinforce the ISS suggestion.

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I won't suggest a precise location, instead I will like to say to Phil Harvey that they could do a new way of doing concerts: they should pick a city, and spend there two nights; the first concert will be for the general public, all the wonderful hits since 1999; the following day will be all about the "less-played-live" and b-sides tracks (i.e. Such a Rush, Life is for Living, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Swallowed in the Sea, 42, Moving to Mars etc.) just for the hard-core fans...maybe at an higher price (who cares, I would pay anything to listen to those gems)

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Good evening! I`m from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil ... so, I will focus more on latin america!


1) first: it would be interesting to start the new tour on latin america, we are expecting much and we were VERY frustrated with that cancellation of 2013!


2) In Brazil, it would be interesting to leave the southeast: going south, to the northeast! Brazil is a very big country, a continent, and very expensive to go through it to go on show! In the south, Porto Alegre is a city that has received many shows, especially because of the new Grêmio Arena! In the northeast, it would be very cool a concert in Recife!



In fact, there is already a rumour, very strong here! T4F, South america production company behind Coldplay here, would have booked the Arena Grêmio to a Coldplay show in January or February in Porto Alegre! What could possibly be the beginning of the 2016 tour in Latin America, offsetting the cancellation of 2013!


""Coldplay Atlas on twitter:

T4F, responsible for previous Coldplay-Latin America-Tours, have reserved the stadium for the 23rd February 2016 (via. @matsimon)""



3) It would be fantastic the band play in other countries where not yet been as Uruguay and Paraguay, countries that have received many shows recently with great crowds! I was in Aerosmith concert at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo in October 2013, and it was fantastic!

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