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Don't Panic


Spies was one of my favorites to win from the start so I'm going to stand by it. Don't get me wrong, Don't Panic is wonderful and it deserved to make it this far. However, to me Spies is more representative of the Parachutes sound as a whole and is slightly better live (even though there is no Jonny singing :P).

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[td]Don't Panic[/td]





Thank you all for participating in the first Coldplay elimination game!! I must say that the results didn't turn out anything like I expected they would! Tbh, I believe the only reason Don't Panic won was because its biggest competition, Shiver, Yellow, and Everything's Not Lost, were eliminated FAR too early in the game. :P But it's a well deserved winner!!

The AROBTTH thread will be up very soon! And we shall see how intense THAT will get..... ;)

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If just ordinary music fans played this game, I think you would see Shiver, Yellow and Everything's not Lost rank highly. You can tell by the results that pure Coldplay fans played this. The final 4 didn't surprise me really, I'm glad Don't Panic came out on top. It really is a fan favourite :parachutes:

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