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[2022-07-02] Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurt, Germany

Captain Crieff

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I tried to get 3 GA tickets for the Saturday show both yesterday and today. I had two laptops, one with the eventim website, one with the ticketmaster website and I couldn't get any standing tickets AT ALL. I'm just super disappointed. If anyone happens to hear about anybody who is selling tickets at face value, would you be so kind and please let me know?! Definitely not willing to pay those tout prices on ebay. 

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Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but it may be my best chance to still see Coldplay in Frankfurt in July.

I have 4 tickets for Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, July 2nd 2022 - PK4.

Recently we've been invited to a wedding which needs priority.

I'm looking to swap tickets for Frankfurt, Germany, July 3rd in Frankfurt.

Even if you can't match the seating category or the number of tickets, I'd appreciate if you could get in touch. Maybe we can work something out.

I appreciate any help!



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Hi, I´m sadly visiting the show alone now. Maybe there is a group of people who would like to adopt me on this concert. I´m 22 years old and love Coldplay eversince. Would be cool if you are German but that´s not the priority. I´m just looking for some Fun people to dance and sing with. Best regards 💯

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