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The official **KEANE** thread

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Don't know, I didn't stick around. But I've heard that they sometimes do. Depends on their schedule I guess. They had another show a couple of days later so they could have rushed off...



I saw a few pics of them with the fans from Korea gig. I may stay after the show because I live just a few blocks away from the venue. :D


I don't think I'm going... :sick:


Awww Laurel, I feel sorry for you.:(

I'll come back with awesome pictures I promise, they don't allow us to take videos though.

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^^ Yeah, it's just too expensive for to fly to Bangkok, and I have no other way of getting down there.


^ yes, take lots of awesome pictures! I sure hope you are able to meet them. If you do get to, tell them I said hi. Haha!


Hope you have lots of fun! :hug:

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It was fun last night. They played to only 2,000 crowd (and I was shock it wasn't sold out).


I was in the front row (always :laugh3:) but I can't say that it was a good spot.

I was on Tim's side (lots of people rushed to Tim's side) and I can't see Richard at all because his face was covered up by his drum kits.

But things get better when Tim came to play the second piano in front of me.

I was a bit disappointed they didn't play Under Pressure, we saw setlist from Korea gig that they played this song, after Crystal Ball we stayed inside the venue and shouted Under Pressure but they didn't come back. :(

There were some sound problems during the gig though. They can't played Is It Any Wonder? after Somewhere Only We Know, at first I thought they'll just skip it, but they came back and played it during encore.


The organizer and promoter team were crap but apart from that it was awesome.

I didn't stick around after the gig though. They started late at 9.30pm and finished at 11.30pm, I wanted to stay but my mom kept calling. :(


And did you see Richard's tweet from last night, we were in the queue, waiting for the gates to open and it was raining. The girl in front of me tweeted Keane then a few moments later Richard replied her and got the security guard to open the gate let us inside. He's awesome. :happy:


Tim said they chose Thailand for the last place for Asian Tour because they'll have some times off after this and they want to spend the time in Thailand. I hope they go to Chiang Mai. :D


Some pics



He looked at me. :laugh3:



Tim and his Strangeland crown.



I was very far from Jessie, this is the best I could get.



The only good photo of Richard I have.









More here




The videos



Somewhere Only We Know

Tom looked at Tim at 02:03, that's when the piano went off then Tim jumped to play the second piano instead.




Sea Fog is coming ;)



I have others but there're too much me and my sister singing, so I won't upload the rest.:P



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Tom Looked at you? :awesome:

If they came to Chiang Mai I would be very happy!

It's too bad you couldn't stay around afterwards. :\

And yes, I did see Richard's tweet. :D I thought "aww, Richard is great!" :)

Thank you for the pictures and video! There are great!

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:nod: Many times. My sister and I are good at making the lead singer to notice us during the gig.

We made Keane headbands and wore it that's why he looked at us again and again. :wink3:


Here's Sea Fog




And here's some reviews from Thai fans. They're in Thai but I'm too lazy to translate. There're some pictures and clips from others as well, if you're interested. :)


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You can see us front row, wearing headbands in Richard's crowd shot.

Tom looked at us 3-4 times the first picture that was when I was holding a camera and he knee down, he knew I was going to take his picture. :laugh3:


You're very welcome about the pictures and videos. :nice: And I hope you get a chance to see them again sometime soon.

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I had a dream last night...


I was at a Keane concert. I was waiting for it to start and I was so excited. It felt so real! And then when they finally came on, they didn't start with "You Are You" but with "Day Will Come" and I thought that was very strange, even in my dream. Near the end of the song, something must have gone wrong, because they stopped playing. I think there was some technical problems. Anyways, Tom came off the stage and I started talking to him. I telling him that I had nothing for him to sign. We were walking together to somewhere, and I thought "Oh! He could sign my iPod case! so I reached into my pocket, but it wasn't there. We passed a guy that I knew, and I told him that I was missing my iPod, he had a bag full of stuff, and he pulled out my iPod, which had been signed by Richard! I handed it to Tom, and asked if he could sign it for me. I asked him if I could meet Tim, and Tom told me that it would be harder to meet Tim, because he's the pianist (whatever that means). So we walked to this little room that must have been back stage. There was a circle of chairs. There where little boys sitting in most if the chairs, but there were two empty chairs and Tom sat in one, and told me to sit in the other. I think he was waiting for the technical difficulties to be sorted out. I was. Sitting there and everything started to fade away. That's when I realised it was a dream. It felt so real!


Now I'm incredibly sad. :cry:

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Went to see them again this Tuesday in Amsterdam, and they were brilliant! I was really happy that they played Neon River (my favourite song on Strangeland) and they played a surprise second encore with Under Pressure!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc-LUTUEEMs]Keane - Under Pressure @ Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam - YouTube[/ame]


The sound was terrible though, absolutely the worst I've ever heard at a Keane show. My ears were still ringing two days later! Anyways, very happy I get to see them two more times next month, and I'm just hoping the sound will be better then.

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Hi all you fan of keane!!!


I'm a new fan of them...on mp3 i have only


-everybody is changing

- somewhere only we know

- sovereign light cafè

- silenced by the night

- this is the last time


They are not rock, or no???They haven't guitar....



Well, can you tell me songs you really love of them. I feel like they are the new coldplay for me, so if you will give me some suggestion i will:loveshower:

Thanks to everyone...

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They are called "Piano rock".


I don't know what you like, but here are some of their really slow songs:


- Sea Fog

- Hamburg Song

- Strangeland

- Try Again

- We Might As Well Be Strangers

- You don't See Me

- Watch How You Go

- My Shadow

And here are some mellow ones that are not as slow:


- The Frog Prince

- Atlantic

- Broken Toy

- Sunshine

- A Bad Dream

- Bedshaped

- The Starting Line

- Neon River

- Clear Skies

- Your Love

- Can't Stop Now


And hear are the more up-beat ones


- Crystal Ball

- Is It Any Wonder

- Spiralling

- The Lovers Are Losing

- You Haven't Told Me Anything

- Better Than This

- Stop For A Minute

- Looking Back

- On The Road

- Day Will Come

- Leaving So Soon?


And I would suggest others too, but I can't remember them right now.

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Hi all you fan of keane!!!



They are not rock, or no???They haven't guitar....



Keane are piano rock/brit pop. They don't have guitar. They're piano + drums + bass + voice. They have some elements from rock but they're mostly pop (especially their latest album, Strangeland)

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