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The official **KEANE** thread

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I'm off to see them on Sunday :)

You're so lucky! Have fun!

The Lovers Are Losing won't be in the Greatest Hits. Isn't it weird?

Eh, I'm not too surprised that it's not. I'm surprised that The Starting Line won't be in it, though.

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KEANE, heard the new song yet?


Not sure if it's already come across somewhere here, but this one needs to be heard, classic Keane, the cheer-up kings.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0KWMtL9MV8]KEANE - Higher than the Sun[/ame]

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Wasn't that impressed by it on the first listen, but it's slowly growing on me. The previews for the other new songs on their Best Of (Won't Be Broken and Russian Farmer's Song) sound a lot more interesting. I'm seeing them again next month, so I'm curious to see how it'll hold up live.


And when did Keane become cheer-up kings? I'm pretty sure most of their lyrics are pretty depressive, actually... Though the ones in this song aren't.

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Richard (Keane's drummer) tweeted about why both Keane and The Killers are releasing best ofs this year: "we are all releasing 'best of's because it was in our record contracts..."



That clears things up, thank god we have Rich. Found it strange indeed..all these best of's.

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That's just a pile of rumours added up. We've known for quite a while that they're taking a break and that Tom's gonna do his solo stuff, but they haven't officially said anything about breaking up altogether.

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Seeing an article called 'Keane to Split Up' is a sword through my heart even though i know it's very unlikely. This is just a break guys, like the Killers did in 2010 with Brandon's solo.


Tom is at his absolute highest potentials now (his voice is angelic) so this better be good.

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