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Lost! digital EP


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It says on coldplay.com that it will be released on November 10th.

I don't know much about this stuff, so could someone please tell me whether we already know the rest of the songs included on the EP, or is it going to come as a surprise :thinking: Are those songs going to be some of the unpublished ones ?

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Why would we need an instrumental version of this song? No offense to the guys but its hardly the most complex song structure they've come up with, and I cant really see myself listening to it with no vocals....really hope that doesn't make the EP.

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I'm still betting LIJ acoustic will make an appearance somewhere. Maybe a few live versions too, and possiby Lost? though that'd be strange as it was already a Violet Hill b-side.


I believe they are releasing a vid for LIJ very soon as well. Perhaps they will do the same thing they are apparently doing for Lost. I would guess the accoustic version would show up attached to the LIJ single.


As for Lost?, they already released that here in the states on the Itunes version of the album. I hope that the instrumental version isn't the only new thing we get outta this. I don't think it would be that amazing. Even if it is the only new thing, we still got Prospekts March!

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Rampant speculation


So far, I count nine tracks that have not been released:


Famous Old Painters

Glass of Water

Rainy Day

Prospekt's March

Poppy Fields


Postcards from Far Away

The Goldrush

The Dubliners




Three of those could be on Lost!, at least four will be on Prospekt's March.

I think the first six in the list above will likely make it. Postcards, Goldrush and Dubliners are all special, short live tracks like DWNC, Lhuna might be on next year's album instead and Lukas seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.


I'll be severely disappointed if the Lost! tracklist is Lost!, Lost?, Lost- and Lost+, but come on! The promo CD is just that, a promo for the song. Doesn't mean all those versions will be on the EP. What's the point in announcing an EP if that's the case?

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hows about this:


1. Lost!

2. Lost! (Live)

3. Famous Old Painters

4. The Dubliners


i think the jay-z collaboration is for prospekt's march, it was a bit unclear


Reading Chris' letter, it suggests that Viva is getting re-released with the PM EP as a bonus disc with the jay-z Lost as a bonus track.

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