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US Third leg of the tour CONFIRMED!

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Allright well i decided to make another thread for this since i dont want it to take up space in Philly's thread. So it is confirmed that Coldplay will be coming back to North America somewhere soon after the Japan shows in February of 09. it was also said that they would be playing MULTIPLE nights at MSG.

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This is definitely NOT confirmed! As for as I know, it's only a rumour. I've had no conversations with anyone officially in the know, only fans who passed that rumour on to me.


Hopefully it's true, but please let me state again...more dates are NOT confirmed by me or by Oxfam.



Bob F.

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I think that only the band management can confirm new tourdates :uhoh:


anyway... it'd be nice for the US people



but coldplay guys... if you're thinking about an US 3rd leg.. please tour another places first.. like Australia and South America

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as much as i'd love this to be confirmed later, i really think they should do latin america and australia first (i keep forgetting whether or not they're definitely doing australia or not)...and that would be THREE legs in america and ONE in the UK.


i can't complain, since i'll still be here then if this becomes true, but i wonder if this could potentially mean another UK leg in fall 2009...:sneaky: :cheesy:

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I'm with you Chelsea. As much as I love you American guys getting all the Coldplay love, they've already been to America twice and haven't even started the UK gigs yet.


They should do Australia, Latin America and a bit more of Canada first. Then some more UK (inc Knebworth) and THEN America :P

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I think we should turn this thread into the Oxfam Bob's appreciation society! :)



Christa raises another beer


now i feel guilty about starting the "why no NY concerts" thread


oh well, none of this has been confirmed and we should all be happy if we have had the pleasure of seeing them this year and hopefully they will hit some countries where they havent been

sorry double post

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