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Jiggs, I love you so much! You are one of my longest/best friends on here and you've been an absolutely great one!

Thanks for always being really brilliant and I hope you've had a blast today and same when you're up at the camp!

Also you better have had cake and presents and such.


AND I'm not sure when/if you'll see this, but I had a SALAD today! :awesome: I know right!

It had dried cranberries and walnuts and feta cheese and greens of course. It was actually rather good.


Anyways, I demand a birthday story when you get back.


Kthnxluvubai. :heart:

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Wooooooooo! It's your birthday, that's pretty awesome. You're getting old sir.

Well just to let you know everyone here is right that you're a pretty wonderful/amazing/various other flattering adjectives friend and coldplaying wouldn't be as fun as it is without you! :cheesy:

Happy Birthday Briggs, I hope you had a brilliant day celebrating and doing fun and exciting birthday things.

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