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Did anyone catch answers to LP5 questions after C.L. premiere?


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While we've heard stuff from the band through various sources, to finally hear them talk about when LP5 would come out made me think Late 2011 might not actually be wrong...


Chris seemed genuinely unsure about it. His tone didn't suggest they were keeping it quiet.


I'm pretty surprised by it all to be honest, as the festivals made me think they might have it out in the spring, but this seems like it could be a long time.

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You guys did notice Chris telling Will about fixing his drums or something like that after the interview... right?? I think they still have some work to do before they can say "We have completed LP5" and looking at Parlophone and delay releases... I guess late 2011 is a safe bet.

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I actually do hope it is June...


I always like the idea of Coldplay albums coming out just around my birthday (normally a couple of days before or after) and if LP5 comes out at a different time... It'd just feel weird. :confused:


Were you born the 8th of June? :wacko:

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we'll get something more detailed with Steve Lamacq today. I HOPE.


I certainly hope so. Part of me wondered if they might have promised him a better answer or something like that.


However, I think some people seem to think that June is late in a way, but I assumed the way they were talking they meant much later.


I feel like if it was June they'd be...you know almost there.


And to VivaChild - did you mean Christmas Lights wasn't a simple song by your post? I had thought it was extremely simple.


It's interesting on this site the variety of fans. A lot of people disliked Christmas Lights because they felt it was simple and some disliked it because they thought it wasn't? Or maybe just because it didn't sound like it would be on Parachutes?


Coldplay really do bring a lot of different people together - which is a really cool thing.

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