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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

ViVA Child

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Toothpicks are made of wood. Wood is used to construct much of today's infrastructure. Housing developments in the United Kingdom are included in this infrastructure. The Berryman family lives in a house within this infrastructure. Within the Berryman family is the mother of Guy Berryman, who is the mother of Guy Berryman. Guy Berryman is a member of Coldplay


Young Adult Novels



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A stomachache is normally something that is painful. If something is pain full you say it hurts. There is a coldplay song that's says hurts. Hurts like heaven.


Benedict Cumberbatch






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The famous Coldplay song, Counting Screws


At 2:55





I am so so glad you replied with this interview, my personal favourite song has to be 'letter writing never ends' :blush:

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