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Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Major Minus / Moving To Mars - CD, vinyl and digital release

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Me too, I was secretly hoping it would be a hidden track! :lol:



Me too!

after MM was finished, I let the CD player on for 10 minutes just to wait untill it would pop up =D


:laugh3: I did the same!


"If you never try you'll never know" :D

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I want to have miiiiiiiiine already :bigcry:

Oh, so I guess no need for me to wait to see if there is a hidden track :tongue:

I'm still a bit pissed cause MTM is not included on the CD :mean:

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I ordered one set from the store linked through the site; got an email awhile ago alerting me it's on it's way (no clue when). Also ordered from Amazon.de. Order spent some time hung-up, then a week in Maryland, but made it to Illinois today. Seems they're all snail mailed.

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Also, Major Minus sounds a million times better through the Cd then it does through the computer. The vocal effect doesn't even bother me anymore.


Yes, in hi-fi it sounds much better. Still prefer the live version, though

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Got mine today! Super qt and stuff!!



I realized Moving to Mars is only on the digital release and that sorta bummed me out considering that was the fact that i bought this. Anyway, WAY COOL and pretty and stuff so it's alright~

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I just got mine!!


When I arrived home (10 minutes ago) I saw the envelope at the door and I felt so anxious to open it!! Now i've opened it and I really love it! :D


:awesome: then mine should arrive anytime soon!

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