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Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Major Minus / Moving To Mars - CD, vinyl and digital release

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hey! I got mine today!! I mean my friend got mine because I'm not at my home :D




but something is wrong. because i have got 2 packets like this. I ordered 1 packet :s and it also writes on credit cart bill: 1 packet. I paid 11.94 pounds (I live in Turkey)

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a question for them who own the vinyl: Do you have problems with it? Mine rebounds on several positions...


No issues here; your needle clean? No problems with the turntable belt?

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:surprised: Oh wow, it is! I wonder if that means that stores will still receive them (the vinyls)? As in, were there already a certain quantity set aside to ship to stores? Or has the entire supply been depleted?






I would think it just means the bundle (ie the poster) is sold out. They probably only had a limited number of the posters. Amazon still has the vinyl for pre order so I think it's safe to say the vinyl isn't sold out. I got my CD from amazon the other day :)

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I pre-ordered the bundle and it still hasn't arrived :(

I hope it didn't get lost in the mail or something like that.


Maybe you should contact someone, because I think you should have received it about two weeks ago... :( Hope you get it soon!

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To those of you that can't order or are too cheap to do so: soon my website will give away the Vinyl and CD in 1 package for free.


To those who are interested, follow me on twitter (link in my sig). It's not a scam, I promise :P

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I came to think ...what would the significance of this EP be after the release of MX? I think it will truly be considered only a promotional release with no stand-alone value whatsoever (except the excellent MTM of course, which though could have simply have been released as a b-side to the digital release of ETIAW): practically the opposite of Prospekt´s March.

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