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The Awesome Random Posting Thread


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You'll love Ireland so much that you will never want to leave ;)


Came back on the 3rd actually, but yeah, I already miss Ireland. Irish people are indeed very nice, no one ever made fun of my accent and everyone was always very helpful when I needed (except the bus drivers, those were the worst). Also, Bray is probably one of the loveliest towns I've ever been to. :nice:

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I'm an INFP myself :) MBTI is so interesting; it's really cool to learn how other people think


Yeah. I'm an ISTP myself with a well developed feeling function. I have been trying to tap into my intuition lately by introducing myself to scientific theories and contributing to discussions on broad concepts. Being an unconscious, unaware sensor kinda sucks, because you just see what's in front of you instead of anything beyond that. I do have an interest in finding the roots of the world, the concepts that make the time flow, the universe expand and the Earth spin. I also really want to understand what the highly pedantic INTPs are talking about so I could make some witty remarks.

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