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The Awesome Random Posting Thread


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Wow I can start to see why people are saying this thread was more active back in the day. Random page in the middle somewhere and there were actually a ton of posts per day, now there is 4 in 1 day and none since then.


Like what happened? :(

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I feel like the forum isn't as active as it used to be in the old days. Heck it was even pretty active last year during the Ghost Stories Era.


It's really not, but I have to think part of that is the inactivity of those who created/used to use this thread regularly. I remember having Alex set this thread up to avoid spamming in other ones back in 2011 (god, I know it really isn't, but it felt like so long ago).


But how about we change that? Quick Christmas hauls (if you haven't posted it in other threads) anyone?


I got 4 Coldplay albums (Brothers and Sisters, A Head Full Of Dreams, Coldplay - B-sides & Rarities, and then Viva on vinyl), new clothes, lots of chocolates, Cards Against Humanity expansion packs, a new book of stories (Doctor Who - Time Lord Fairy Tales), iTunes money and a gift card for a clothing store called Torrid. And some money which is much appreciated for things like textbooks and an upcoming convention near my uni.

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A.K.A. - The thread for PicSpams, PervSpams, regular spams, emotional breakdowns, random bouts of song, and occasional advice about whatever you need. There's even a debate about theoretical immortality that starts on page 1959 if you're in to that sort of thing.


LOL I love this thread...I just found it hehe

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Nice!! I'm on Christmas break still (Catholic uni = loooooong Christmas and an actual Easter break, unlike state unis/colleges) and it's been busy. I'm in my clinical rotations in school for nursing, which is basically like, me being junior nurse in training in an area hospital. It's been busy, stressful, but good on the whole.


How about you? It's been so long ..

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Who cool, here all unies have only 2 weeks for Christmas and then 2 for Easter

Nice, so it's a bit like getting to know the hospital world too?


I'm in my first year of Linguistics English - Swedish, went on exchange to the Faroe Islands last year. Really love it, I'm in Ghent so I have a room here during the week (almost 2 hours on the train) and the people in the corridor are really nice, I'm soooo happy to see them all again after those 2 weeks :cheesy: And the other students are also cool, got a lot of new friends here.

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That's awesome! And yeah, clinical is basically like a pre-internship, I get to practice the skills we're lectured on in class. Coming up on OB/Pediatrics this semester! (pregnant women and then children). I look forward to that a lot.


And America's weird, I'm at a private, Catholic school, so, we get nearly a month of break (a little over .. I've been working most of it) and then we get an Easter break, most other schools do not. Private funding and Catholic basis ... even if I'm not a catholic, basically sets that up.


That all sounds really cool! I can't wait to see all my friends again .. you're lucky everyone's so close!

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That sounds like a very intersting periond coming to you.


Do you even have time left to learn things? :wacko: It sounds like a bit of a hypocritic system to me.


Ugh they're still far away for me, I'm staying in Ghent during the exams so I won't lose time traveling :p

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