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Just What Does "Mylo Xyloto" Mean?


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The email message says this (in the phonetic alphabet) but the stress is on the first syllable, so it's ZY-le-to.


But, yep, the middle bit is 'let'.


oh ok. so it's ZIE, just pronouncing the letter 'Z', then leh-toe.


It's 'zie' rhyming with 'pie'.

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"The Oracle replies:


This could win the prize for the most asked question in the shortest space of time! All I will say is that if the band are asked it as many times as I have been asked, an answer will appear soon enough! I'd rather not be the revealer on this occasion.

I will dispel a couple of suggestions I received though. It's not been randomly made up with no meaning at all nor is it a foreign language.

Everyone has been so patient so far with all the teasing that has been going on during the past 3 months so I'm sure we can hang on a little longer..."







She said that it was not a foreign language. I had the feeling when saying XYLOTO out loud, that it sounds like SILENT TOE - perhaps that means people living in this (fictional) environment should be vary careful or should go toe-to-toe with their oppressors.

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^ haha, I read on here on a different thread that Xyloto is something to do with insects. Also, when we first saw xylobrytes written on the screen at Rock im Park during POC didnt someone say it had something to do beetles. It sounds stupid but i'm sure when we find out officially it will make sense!!

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That was me Juanma - i just posted that on billboard.com - I can't take full credit for finding the artist mylo - someone else on these forum found out about it, and i took a look at the site, and totally fit with the theme of their songs and it is absolutely brilliant.


Graffiti was and is still a form of alternative media, communication to the public that is almost subliminal at times but trying to get out the truth, unlike our mainstream media sometimes. Xylo is a community of graffiti artists i think actually, although mylo has something called xylo in his/her artwork - and someone else mentioned xylo may be a root word for wood, and perhaps the precursor for wood art that then evolved to graffiti art.


here's a link to one of the images - http://www.xylo.me/2.html


http://www.xylo.me/ (the main page)


It's an absolutely brilliant title, in that it will get a mass of people to look this artist up, and see the images, and thus get the message out to even more people. Coldplay are such an earnest, and humble band, using their popularity and fame to get out real messages to the world even if they were not the original creators - artists supporting other artists - if you read the billboard interview - he mentions how the artistic community need to stick together and work as a team to bring messages to society. They have really upped the game.


bravo Coldplay.


Just in case people missed it (I did), Debs said it has nothing to do with this Mylo guy.




Coldplay have never heard of him.

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Sounds almost like a complete rip-off, but it's plausible. Being a conservative minded thinker, I don't always agree with what Coldplay has to say about world issues, but I will agree that the mainstream media is severely filtered. Some of what they portray I definitely agree with. Take Violet Hill for example.


I found the thread



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Myles MacInnes (born 10 May 1978, Broadford, Isle of Skye, Scotland), better known by the stage name Mylo, is a Scottish electronic musician and record producer.


MacInnes went to the top private school, George Watson's College, in Morningside, Edinburgh. He attended the University of Edinburgh before graduating in philosophy, psychology and physiology from Brasenose College, Oxford, where he achieved a first class degree. He subsequently gave up studying for a philosophy Ph.D at UCLA to return home and produce music. Mylo released his debut album, Destroy Rock & Roll in 2004, on the Breastfed Recordings label, which he co-owns. Mylo produced the album on a computer in his own bedroom.


He has provided remixes for Scissor Sisters ("Mary"), Amy Winehouse ("Fuck Me Pumps"), The Knife ("You Take My Breath Away") and The Killers ("Somebody Told Me"). One of his works was a 2004 remix of Kylie Minogue's #2 UK hit, "I Believe in You", which appeared on the single that peaked at #3 on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart. His biggest chart success to date came in the autumn of 2005. This was when the single "Doctor Pressure", a mash-up of his own song "Drop The Pressure" and Miami Sound Machine's "Dr. Beat", peaked at #3 on the UK Singles Chart.[1] The single performed well in the U.S., especially on the Hot Dance Airplay and Hot Dance Club Play charts, where it jointly made the Top 10.


"Muscle Car", the follow-up single to "Doctor Pressure", was a hit in the UK and European dance charts, reaching #1 on the UK Club Chart in November 2005, and #38 in the UK Singles Chart.[2] The video that accompanied the single courted controversy as it featured two supposed Chinese spies - actually played by British actors Bruce Wang and Alex Liang - inventing an electronic fly to spy on the American president, George W. Bush. Mylo did not appear in the video.


He contributed a song, "Mars Needs Women", to the War Child compilation album, Help!: A Day in the Life, released in September 2005, and was also featured on the Canadian compilation album, MuchDance, released in November 2006. In 2006, the track "Otto's Journey" was used in a television commercial for Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing, which featured Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan at home improvising a salad out of green beans, blackberries, and potatoes.[3]


In 2005, Mylo released his second album, which was a DJ mix titled Mylo's Rough Guide to Rave, and was released as a covermount CD in Mixmag.


BBC Radio 1 played a world exclusive of a track by Mylo on 23 January 2009. The title of the track is unconfirmed, however Radio 1 referred to it as 'I'm Back', because, as Annie Mac stated, "he (Mylo) sent it to us with the file titled I'm Back".[4] The same month, he released another DJ mix album covermount in an issue of Mixmag, this time it was called The Return of Mylo, which contained his new song "Wings of Fire".


Mylo's success has been a catalyst for a burgeoning dance music scene in the Isle of Skye. He headlined the Isle of Wedge Festival in 2010, held in Broadford. Acts such as Niall Munro and Niteworks cite him as an influence. His brother Hector is songwriter and guitarist for the band Injuns



:lol: Another Mylo to throw about:D

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