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ETIAW vs. Paradise


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I realise that bands change, and they're trying to "keep up with the times" whatever that means, but both tracks SUCK.


I'm not buying MX, or ETIAW or Paradise.


If this is what we've heard so far, the rest of the album is going to SUCK too.


annoys the crap out of me, the fact that they're roping Rihanna into Princess of China, and that JayZ collaborated on Lost.... the music industry is just ruining Coldplay...


I know people will probably hate me for saying this, but I like the cOldplay.


They might as well change their name to Newplay for all I care...




Farewell to Coldplay as one of my favorite bands.


. . .


I agree with everything. Coldplay 1998/2008 Newplay 2011/2065

Do you realized that Mylo Xyloto is just the first of many horrendous Newplay albums to come?? We're gonna miss so much those pre-MX times in the next years/decades.

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