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Best HLH Liver Version


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This might well be my first post here, although I've been reading the boards for a while.


Was just wondering what the general consensus was on best downloadable live version of HLH?


I do like the studio version, but it doesn't quite have the energy of the live recording. Which is a shame, because I think it's one of their very best tracks songwriting wise. Hope they'll keep this as the opener for the upcoming tour! Can't wait for Manchester!



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Thanks! Just noticed my typo in the post title - d'oh!


Is there still a download of the official itunes festival one floating round? I know there was one being given away with the Sunday Times a while back, and I foolishly didn't pick up a copy. Have just had a look on itunes uk now, and can't see it in their Coldplay store.

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The best HLH performance is for me at Letterman


Anyone noticed the Hurts Like Heaven AWESOME remix during the introduction of David Letterman hosting Coldplay?

I'm looking for that awesome remix, it has an EXTENDED JONNY'S SOLO of Hurts like Heaven.-

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