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ITV: Coldplay confirmed to perform on X Factor Final on Sunday 11th December at Wembley Arena


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Coldplay refuse to duet with X Factor finalists


Coldplay will be performing on this weekend’s show but have refused to duet with Marcus Collins, Little Mix or Amelia Lily.


Coldplay have refused to duet with any of the acts during this weekend’s X Factor final, throwing the show into chaos.


The British band will be performing live on the show and had agreed to sing with Janet Devlin if she made it to the final, but as she has been eliminated from the competition, the rockers have now decided to do a solo performance.


With Coldplay refusing to do a duet and Adele having cancelled her scheduled appearance due to poor health, producers have been forced to ask the judges to perform with their remaining acts.


Gary Barlow will perform with Marcus Collins, Tulisa Contostavlos will be singing with Little Mix while Kelly Rowland will take to the stage with Amelia Lily.


Louis Walsh has no acts left in the competition to perform with, but Goldie Cheung, who was chosen for the live shows before pulling out of the competition and being replaced by Sami Brookes, has hinted on Facebook that she could be returning to the show this weekend.


The judges are reportedly nervous about their performances, and Gary has revealed that he can’t wait for the show to be over because he has found the whole judging experience to be stressful.


Other acts due to perform this weekend include Michael Buble, One Direction, Leona Lewis and JLS.


Don’t miss this weekend’s X Factor final on STV from 8pm on Saturday and from 7.30pm on Sunday.




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Read also: http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/x-factor-2011-coldplay-refuse-to-duet-with-amelia-lily-marcus-collins-little-mix/



The final countdown: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion of Coldplay have been booked to perform in the X Factor final according to a report


X Factor: Janet Devlin To Sing With Coldplay?


The X Factor star Janet Devlin will reportedly sing with Coldplay if she makes it to the series final next month.


According to the Daily Star, the Paradise rockers - who have apparently been booked to perform with one of the three XF finalists - are expected to duet with Janet after she sang their track, Fix You, earlier in the competition.


Insiders claim that the 17-year old is the only act who would suit Coldplay's style, with show bosses allegedly realising that a collaboration with Chris Martin and Co would be really special.


A source told the tabloid: “There isn’t anyone left in the show who would suit Coldplay’s music apart from Janet. She wowed everyone when she sang Fix You. It shows how confident everyone is that Janet will make the final.”


As well as Coldplay, Michael Bublé is also rumoured to be in line to appear on The X Factor final and is said to be the favourite to sing with hopeful Marcus Collins.


The third superstar is currently unknown, with Xtra Factor host Olly Murs revealing that he would love to sing with Little Mix if they reach the final.


Speaking of Tulisa Contostavlos' group, Murs told Digital Spy: "I like their vibe - I think they're edgy and a bit different. I'd come on and do a song with them in the final."


Despite Olly's offer, Little Mix have admitted they would love to duet with Jessie J on the show, with member Jesy Nelson telling the Daily Star: "It would be so cool to duet with her in the final if we make it.”


Better luck next time Olly...



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More X Factor Fix-ing rumours... Coldplay have been lined up to perform with Janet Devlin if she makes the show's grand final


Earlier in the series she wowed with her rendition of Coldplay's Fix You and now Janet Devlin could have it 'fixed' for her to perform with the popular band. The 16-year-old is in line to sing with the group in the X Factor grand final after Chris Martin and co were signed up by the show's bosses. Coldplay have been booked in to perform with one of the three finalists – and insiders are said to believe Janet is the only act that would suit their style.


According to the Daily Star it's a sign that bosses expect Janet to make the final, although the line-up has yet to be decided. A source claimed in the newspaper: 'There isn’t anyone left in the show who would suit Coldplay’s music apart from Janet.


'She wowed everyone when she sang Fix You. It shows how confident everyone is that Janet will make the final.'

Michael Bublé is another superstar said to be booked in alongside 'the world's number one band'. The newspaper claims that he has been chosen to partner with 23-year-old singer Marcus Collins, who embodies a more mature style of singing. A third performer has yet to be chosen but Little Mix, formerly Rhythmix, have made it clear they would love to duet with Jessie J.


She helped the group's mentor Tulisa ­Contostavlos, 23, pick them for the live finals. Band member Jesy Nelson said: 'It would be so cool to duet with her in the final if we make it.'

Janet recently revealed that she is in charge when it comes to her X Factor performances.


'I won’t do what I don’t want to do. I won’t do anything that isn’t me,' she told NOW magazine. Even the change of colour to her hair wasn't a sign of her being a push over: 'They didn’t make me do it, I always wanted to be ginger.'


But she admitted her look caused her problems in earlier years. 'At school I had a problem making friends and it was tough,' she revealed. 'I wasn’t cool – I had very long blonde frizzy hair, I never wore makeup and I wasn’t pretty.


'People would take the mick out of me. I don’t like talking about being bullied, but I forgave the girls who did it. Since then I’ve just had a small circle of friends I feel comfortable with.'




Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2065078/X-Factor-2011-Coldplay-lined-perform-Janet-Devlin-makes-shows-grand-final.html#ixzz1eXRd2Z37

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I just read that Chris reached out to Craig Colton after he was eliminated and told him 'everything’s going to be fine, everything’s going to be good.’. I though that was very sweet of him, that's why I love him. He is so down to earth and sweet. A great role model.


Here's the link:



PS: I was rooting for Craig. I believed he's a star! So pissed to see him go :(

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Seriously, if I see either of them tomorrow I'm gonna remind them of my advice almost a year ago. :P


Thing is Chris has said in countless interviews about how he hates how someone who might not be a pitch perfect singer (like himself) would maybe give up on their dreams thanks to shows like that.

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Ok, I'm really hoping they don't do it but people if they do, let's try and keep supporting them. It's not news that the boys specially Chris are fan of the show and everyone knows that Chris and Gary are pretty tight so the possibility is there. Lets try and not jump to any conclusions just like we did with Princess of China. Everyone made a huge deal about it and most of them ended up liking the song, maybe Coldplay appearing on X Factor it's not the end of the world (though I'm hoping they don't do it). Let's keep supporting them no matter what!

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