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ITV: Coldplay confirmed to perform on X Factor Final on Sunday 11th December at Wembley Arena


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may not be an issue now anyway if they were supposed to be duetting with Janet!




Thank God this didn't happen during her duet with Coldplay. How embarrassing!

I don't know the show but I have no problem with Coldplay appearing on their own and performing Paradise or something.

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The X Factor Final REVEALED




The X Factor Final REVEALED


From: http://xfactor.itv.com/2011/news/story/read_the-x-factor-final-revealed_item_100262.htm


We've just heard that Coldplay, Michael Buble, Leona Lewis, JLS AND One Direction will be among the stars performing at the biggest ever X Factor Final next weekend - and we just had to tell you.


In a first for The X Factor, the Final is being held at Wembley Arena with a massive 10,000 strong audience there to watch it.


The Final will be split over two nights and will feature exclusive performances from some of the biggest music acts on the planet as well as the exciting and nail-biting performances from our final three contestants, battling it out to be crowned X Factor winner 2011.


Alongside Coldplay, who will perform live on the Sunday night, and Michael Buble, former contestants Leona Lewis, JLS and One Direction will return. WOWSERS!! The Saturday night show will see our three Finalists sing two songs each while the public vote for who they want to win. At the end of Saturday’s show the lines are frozen and the contestant with the lowest number of votes goes out of the competition.


The two remaining singers then go head-to-head in Sunday’s show when one of them will be crowned the winner of The X Factor 2011. We cannot wait! Coldplay’s Chris Martin said: "We're all big X Factor fans so we're very excited to play live on the show."


And Gary Barlow reckons: "This is the biggest final The X Factor has ever done. Being at Wembley Arena for the first time and in front of 10,000 people with Coldplay performing, I can't wait - it's going be an amazing night."


He's not wrong. We wouldn't miss it for the world. And neither should you!



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My gof,its so annoying so many people are complaining about that:angry: Where exactly is the problem ?! Sorry, i dont get it...The artists there will enjoy it and so will they. I think its a good idea and I´m happy to see them performing live ! The End.


Good for you :) Why is it important to you that everyone else feels the same as you though? Watch and enjoy, it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing.

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Guy and Will should've told Jonny and Chris to go by themselves if they were so eager to play there :P


It seems they won't perform a duet with any of the finalists though, they will probably play Paradise..still next time they should not say anything if they're not sure they're not gonna do it, that is what makes me meh about it.

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It certainly seems that none of the contestants would match Coldplay well.


Just found this...This is what the UK X Factor is missing!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZKgzQnfYjc]ROCHELLE - Clocks [ Coldplay ] { de meest constante factor in X-factor 2011 - YouTube[/ame]

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I think Anna put it beautifully earlier in the thread:


"It's just very disappointing to me that they would agree to go on a show that doesn't encourage young people to try to be the best they can at music - but to be the most famous."


It's not the fact that this is mainstream TV that is putting some people off, it's the fact that it exploits young talent, which is something Chris has stated in the past he is dead against. :shrug:

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As long as they don't do a shitty duet with some contestant, I'm fine. Very reputable musicians and bands have performed on these shows in the US and have not been diminished in any way. I dare say Coldplay will gain more fans than they'll lose.


They're not going to be judges and tell young kids they suck. They're just performing.

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