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The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

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Hmph. Speculation schmeculation. I have no doubt it'll leak at some point, but to me, it doesn't really matter when that happens. I'm gonna buy the actual CD when I can manage it. (Not the super deluxe box, though. The muse.mu store says that's £60, which is equal to approximately $97.34. That's not even including the shipping. There's no way I'm spending over $100 on something like that.)

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You see; this is an inadvertent troll. :lol:


As I got sent a link to what supposedly was it from a source I sort of trust as they put me on to the TDCC/Vaccines leaks.


Thing got shut down within a few minutes; so I'm not sure whether it was a genuine leak or a troll leak.


I just left the chaos unfold here without thinking about it.


But I'll take a troll credit if it is up for grabs.

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I reckon they'll open with Supremacy. Madness and Survival are guaranteed, Unsustainable is fairly likely seeing as it's the only other new song people know. I'm hoping that they will also play Animals and Liquid State, since those are apparently the two heaviest songs on the record. There's a rumour that they've been rehearsing rare b-sides too, but knowing Muse that probably means Nishe and Popcorn.

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^My friend is going; I am so jealous.


I reckon they may play a few new songs... But at the same time I don't think there will be anything we haven't heard before (like Unsustainable, Madness ect) because I reckon they are trying to play T2L as close to their chest as physically possible.

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Possible setlist that I'd hope for (with only the new ones we know):




Muscle Museum


Stockholm Syndrome





New Born

Citizen Erased

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Map of the Problematique

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist


Map of Your Head





Hyper Chondriac Music

Knights of Cydonia


Showbiz: 2

Origin: 4

Absolution: 5

Black Holes: 2

The Resistance: 1

The 2nd Law: 3 + Prelude

B-Sides: 2

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Apparently Muse played Madness, Follow Me and Sign o' the Times (by Prince) at Taratata today. It's not being broadcast until the 28th though :\


I'll put that setlist in my pipe and smoke then.

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