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The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

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Now when I try to stream the album it says you look like you're from the u.s. please click here to listen to album. Then it brings me to apple's website?


my guess would be that we in the US will be able to stream it on itunes starting at midnight.

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Okay, here we go, track-by-track as promised:



Supremacy - Best Muse song since MOTP. This song's existence alone prevents this from being "Muse's Mylo Xywhatever"


Madness - Wow, what a buzzkill after Supremacy. Was indecisive about this song before. After hearing the album, I'm pretty sure I hate it.


Panic Station - Super weird in a very good way. It's like a better SMBH to me (which I never liked even in the BH&R era).


Survival - Sorry, this is still a Bottom 5 Muse song for me. It's not any less shitty in the context of the full album. I really hope it doesn't remain as a set closer for the tour.


Follow Me - It's okay, but I'm not feeling all the love for it. It's like "Resistance" gone electronica. Which was an average song too.


Animals - Fucking great. 2nd best on the album behind "Supremacy". Showbiz/OoS vibe leading to an awesome outro.


Explorers - Trash. Monotonous trash that has no reason being more than 2 minutes, much less ALMOST 6 MINUTES.


Big Freeze - I'm the Internet's biggest and possibly only fan of this song. 3rd or 4th favorite on the album. No joke. It's the awesome U2 tribute that "Madness" failed to be.


Save Me - Meh. Chris's voice is good but never great. Some of those higher notes are wince-inducing. And after "Explorers", the last thing we needed was a tedious ballad. Though at least it's lyrically superior to Matt's fluff.


Liquid State - Way better use of Chris. It's like an old Foo Fighters song. Which isn't Muse, but it's better than a lot of new Muse, heh.


Unsustainable - Random experimentalism that just comes off as tacky. When combined with the following track, this certainly is no "Exogenesis".


Isolated System - It's pretty, but it goes nowhere. And going nowhere isn't a good way to close an album. I think I even prefer "Hate This and I'll Love You" as a closer, for crying out loud.


Supremacy > Animals > Liquid State > Big Freeze > Panic Station > Follow Me > Isolated System > Save Me > dog poop > Unsustainable > Explorers > horse poop > Madness > ALL THE POOP IN THE WORLD > Survival


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My track by track review


Supremacy: I think the more I listen to this the better it gets and upon first listen I knew it would ultimately end up as one of my favorites


Madness: I dont get the hate for this song. Yes its different from the old Muse but I love the build up to that wonderful ending


Panic Station: I love the overall feeling of this song and it's upbeat style. Really a bummer that it leads into Survival.


Survival: Gotta agree above it's the worst song off the album.


Follow Me: I think this song comes and goes. I expect one day ill love it then the next ill hate it.


Animals: Right there with Supremacy as an instant favorite


Explorers: My favorite track on the album! Reminds me of faster version of Invincible!


Big Freeze: Has the same upbeat feeling as PS but cant get into this one but probably will some day. I see the U2 vibe too!


Save Me: Was really looking forward to this song and felt somewhat disappointed. I think it could grow on me.


Liquid State: One of the worst songs off the album and my biggest disappointment. I was so looking forward to this.


Unsustainable: I love the bit from 2:00 - 2:50 but the rest is garbage


Isolated System: So boring and disappointing as the closer

I wish Explorers ended up being the closer!


My top 5 tracks

1. Explorers

2. Animals

3. Supremacy

4. Panic Station

5. Madness


Overall grade



I was looking forward to this album and Battle Born (The Killers) and The Killers won this round IMO!



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Why does everybody hate Survival that much? I freakin' love that track, especially with Prelude as intro!


My other favs on the album:


- Supremacy: My god Matt, can you sing any higher?! :lol: Great track with awesome orchestral parts combined with the band (great drum track and a Brian May like solo in the middle).


- Panic Station: My first reaction was: FLEA/RHCP! But when Matt comes in this track becomes one of the best of The 2nd Law. Really like the part 'You've arrived at Panic Station!'. Awesome.


- Prelude + Survival: As stated, I love this track. The orchestral part in Prelude is building the right setting for Survival. Ok, the lyrics aren't that great, but listen to the music! It explodes!


- Follow Me: I heart an ultrasound heartbeat in the beginning, followed by the disco like beat and thought to myself 'what is this?!' Now it kinda reminds me of a mix between Butterflies & Hurricanes and Take A Bow. Awesome track!


- Animals: Has a little Radiohead vibe over it, which I really like.


- Explorers: That piano! Reminded me a bit of Don't Stop Me Now sometimes.


- Big Freeze: Nice guitar work and great vocals.


I was disappointed with Chris' songs, he's just not that singer that Matt is. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable is an experiment and they did a good job on that. Isolated System was the wrong choice for closing the album. I was also a bit disappointed that Matt almost has no lyrics more after Big Freeze. Still thinks it's a better album than The Resistance.


Grade: 8/10

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And here I thought The Resistance was bad... :-\


After a couple of listens, I think my fav are Supremacy, Madness and Animals (the bass in the beginning is lovely). Still undecided on songs like Explorers and Follow Me. Everything else I'm not a fan of - mostly because I didn't listen to them fully and have forgotten how they sound like. I guess that means I don't like them?


Isolated System is actually pretty cool but it just needs some vocals. Proper vocals not some random sayings/repeat of the title/put in some random lady/etc vocals.


This album doesn't sound like Muse at all. Supremacy is probably the only song that sounds remotely like Muse. At least on The Resistance, there were some resemblance of Muse through all the songs and the album actually grew on me after a few listens.


I'm torn on buying this album. I don't want to waste my money on it but then again, I feel like I should buy it out of loyalty. And also because my Muse collection will look weird without this album...

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The big problem with this album is that they haven't enlisted a producer. Again.


It's easy to overlook, but John Leckie and Rich Costey were both brilliant producers, and though the big trilogy of Origin, Absolution and Black Holes wasn't perfect, it certainly didn't include stinkers like Big Freeze, Isolated System, Unnatural Selection, Guiding Light...


They really needed cohesion with this. They needed someone like Marcus Dravs, Nigel Godrich or even Brian Eno to keep them in check. None of this is original, none of it excites me.


A song like Survival has been released simply because the band don't mind being a laughing stock. Sorry, they're one of the biggest three bands in the world. That has to change.

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For now, I'm just gonna say I'm shocked by the negativity on "Big Freeze". It's the proper U2 tribute that "Madness" tried and failed horribly to be. Most unfairly hated thing since "Soldier's Poem". There are 8 or 9 worse songs on the album.


The Muse fandom seems to have more U2 haters than any other fandom on the planet, though. Which confuses the hell out of me. I fucking love U2. Doubt I would've gotten into Muse without them.


Most bands who try and do the stadium album draw influence from 80s U2. Coldplay on X&Y, Killers on Battle Born, Kings of Leon on Only By the Night.


Muse are supposed to be one of the most original and refreshing bands of the last decade though. The three I mentioned are all revered, but Muse always had a huge cult following, and if fans are anything like me, they're sad that a band, who once released something as incredible as Hullabaloo, are now resorting to writing tribute-act-style songs just to shift more records and sell out more stadia.


There's nothing wrong with U2. But U2 should be U2, and Muse should be Muse. They should follow their own paths, rather than saying "Oh let's do a song like Numb" or "This song sounds a bit like Queen, so let's make it sound more like Queen".

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I'm much harder on the Queen knock-offs (Survival, Madness, parts of Explorers) than the U2 ones, though, because Muse already Queen'd a whole album up when they wrote The Resistance. Queen is great and all, but their influence in Muse has overstayed its welcome. But of course, stuff like "Animals" that's actually MUSE is most preferred. I might be less forgiving to U2 influences if we have a similar trend on Album 7.


(nah, fuck it, Album 7 will probably be an electro country album at this rate)

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(nah, fuck it, Album 7 will probably be an electro country album at this rate)




Yeah, I haven't listened to T2L yet. I'm trying really really hard to hold off until the official release. It's tempting, though, to take a gander when I see so many opinions plastered on Facebook and in here.


I just gotta keep telling myself...one more week...just one more week...

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Ok, let's talk about The 2nd Law:


Muse does sound more pop than before, but this is not their Mylo Xyloto, there's still Muse all over it. I like The Resitance, but I can see its low points, with that mind I can affirm that The 2nd Law is better than the previous record. The band sound much more unpretentious, this is just a collection of great songs, probably the album is not as cohesive as Resistance, but who cares, almost all tracks are great! The only song that I guess will let fans really disappointed is Follow Me, but I loved the eletro pop arrangement along with a pretty much classic Muse melody. My favourite tracks are Panic Station, really fun song, and Madness. The band seems relaxed, just doing their thing, well at least on 10 tracks.

Don't get me wrong but this album would sound so much better if it was not for Survival and the first part of the title track. This is Muse's album more fun to listen, but those 2 songs (3 tracks because of the "Prelude") are even more megalomaniacal than The Resistance, they are just overblown and don't fit with the rest of it at all. Going over the top is not new for them, they did it on other records, but songs like United States Of Eurasia sounded great with the epic performance, those sound embarassing. This songs are Muse doing what people expect than to do, epic over the top music, it seems that even with the dubstep spice those songs are their safety net.

OK, I'm beign too harsh, the album is really good, but it could have been great. It's quite nice to hear a different voice singing, Chris is really nice on his songs, specially on Liquid State.


Edit: I like Explorers, but don't you think it sounds a bit like Don't Stop Me Now sometimes?

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^ Really :stunned:, thought it would have the Madness reception.


That's what I was expecting, based on the reviews. Maybe people are too afraid to admit they don't like it, because of it being such a personal song to Matt :laugh3:

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I'm much harder on the Queen knock-offs (Survival, Madness, parts of Explorers) than the U2 ones, though, because Muse already Queen'd a whole album up when they wrote The Resistance. Queen is great and all, but their influence in Muse has overstayed its welcome. But of course, stuff like "Animals" that's actually MUSE is most preferred. I might be less forgiving to U2 influences if we have a similar trend on Album 7.


(nah, fuck it, Album 7 will probably be an electro country album at this rate)


What I'm about to say may offend you as a U2 fan, but read on.


It's easier to rip off U2 than Queen.

Like I said, everyone does the U2 thing. Even Glasvegas. Not many bands would even dare try and top Freddie bombast, because he was the greatest performer of all time. How would you pull it off live? Well, regardless of your opinion of Survival or United States, you have to admit, Bellamy's an almost unrivalled performer in today's scene.


And now to redeem myself for the U2 comment; a lot of bands think that whacking the delay up and playing major chords is the way to sound like The Edge. Edge however, as you know, is perhaps the greatest guitarist ever when it comes to working with the effect. And Bono just happens to be one of the greatest songwriters ever. Would Bellamy/Martin/Followill ever write something as ingenious as "Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief, all kill their inspiration, and sing about their grief"? No. No they wouldn't. They'd write "Race, it's a race, and I'm gonna win, yes I'm gonna win, and I'll light the fuse and I'll never lose and I choose to survive".


Despite anyone's opinions, U2 write the most uplifting, joyous music in the world. It's in the lyrics, it's in the music. It's a fact. No disputing it, it's just not everyone's cup of tea. Every two-bit, shit-bag arena act thinks they can pull it off and be likeable. No one can, not Coldplay, not Muse, not Kings of Leon, not Killers, not early Radiohead, not Glasvegas, not The Script, not anyone.


It's about time everyone started paying more respect to them as a band by not trying to shamelessly steal their sound.

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