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The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

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The 2nd Law can still be stronger than The Resistance for me. Yes, there are 3 tracks I outright dislike or hate already and we haven't heard all the songs yet, nor have we heard studio versions of most of them. But The Resistance also had 2 songs I hated (UD, GL), and 3 songs I thought were merely passable (Resistance, USOE, IBTY), plus it had less songs. So if The 2nd Law ends up having more home-run tracks like Supremacy, I could rank it above The Resistance.

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Anyways, my thoughts on the live songs at E-Werk:


Supremacy: A-FUCKING-MAZING! The falsetto was absolutely outstanding, and, even in the low quality recordings, it sounds like one of the best songs Muse have done in a long time.


Panic station: Massive fan of this one. So funky and groovy; I couldn't stop moving :laugh3:


Save Me: Chris is an amazing vocalist. The song's really nice and soothing. Can't wait to hear the album version.


Follow Me: Like the build-up in this song. Love the chorus, Matt's vocals were a highlight.


Animals: I haven't had a proper chance to listen to it yet, but I'll post my verdict/opinion later :)


So, these songs have gave me hope for this album. It was a bit lost when I heard Survival/Madness, but I can't wait to hear it now.


Also, anyone heard the Isolated System clip, I really love that


Wait, so I just have to listen to the stream and win the collector's box. I'm totally doing this :3. But where to I listen to the stream exactly???

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Muse make live comeback in Cologne


Space-rockers preview 'The 2nd Law' at their first show in over a year


Muse debuted new tracks at their live comeback in Cologne on Thursday night (September 20).


The space rockers played their first live show since last year’s headline appearance at Reading Festival with a show at the 2000-capacity E-Werk venue, where they gave the first airing to tracks from their sixth album 'The 2nd Law'.


As well as recent single 'Madness' and Olympic theme 'Survival', they band played new tracks 'Supremacy', 'Panic Station', 'Animal', 'Save Me' and 'Follow Me'.


After the show, drummer Dominic Howard told NME: "The new stuff went down well, and we were nervous of course. For the first gig back you're like, 'fucking hell, how do we do this again?' But then we just relax into it, settle in and you look forward to the next one."


Muse played:




'Panic Station'


'Supermassive Black Hole'


'Time Is Running Out'

'Save Me'



'Follow Me'

'Plug In Baby'

'Knights Of Cydonia'

'Stockholm Syndrome'





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Who wants to bet that Panic Station is going to be the next single after the album is released? I'll bet my house!


I think Follow Me is pretty likely as the next single actually. I wouldn't be surprised if Panic Station was a single at some point though.

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The Resistance is their weakest album but the ONE thing it did better than any other album is cohesive structure. It flowed seamlessly from song to song, and Exogenesis felt like a carefully composed whole, while the two "2nd Law" tracks at the end here are really jarring. I mean, Absolution is probably in my top 5 albums of all time, but if I had to pick out one flaw, it's that the pacing is inconsistent as hell.

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Follow Me = Lana Del Rey + Skrillex




I figured out the Skrillex but I have been searching for the other half of the plagiarism.


Either way I deleted it from my library. I'm tempted to spritz some air freshener, it reeks of gimmicks in here.

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