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NME 'reviews' Charlie Brown


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Well when we say reviews, we use that term rather loosely. Here's what the self-dubbed 'world's most famous music magazine' has to say regarding Coldplay's latest single;


"You can't call a song 'Charlie Brown' and make it worse than the Peanuts theme. I don't care if you're Chris Martin. I don't care if you're a member of your very own Coldplay gym, or if you recorded it in a church, or if your wife's doing a recipe book especially for vegans who teach Bikram yoga to monks. If you call a song 'Charlie Brown' and it sounds this half-arsed you are officially Out Of The Club."

Nice to see the NME making such an effort.





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Oh God forbid theres a negative review about Coldplay! :angry:


That's NEVARRR happened before :angry:


How dare they :angry:








I don't think these people are frustrated because it was a negative review, I rather think they are frustrated because it isn't a review. It offers no objectivity whatsoever. It ridicules Chris Martin and his personal life and it makes claims without any effort to go any deeper.


It says:


- This song sucks. (why?)

- You can't name a bad song "Charlie Brown" (why?)


It's a clear attempt to rag on Coldplay and little else. They're trying to play on the Coldplay hating bandwagon - which is totally fine, but they don't even bother any form of explanation of why it is bad. This would piss me off just as much if it was about Blink182. It's not serious work and it's awful journalism.


I could be wrong, but I think everyone's frustration over this is justified. This is shoddy and it shows a lot about how NME do things. Sadly, a lot of people eat this up.

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Actually, people "ragging" on Coldplay makes me love them even more, because I am defending myself essentially (because I like them). But the people that hate on anything, including Coldplay, have no insight at all, and are simply stating their hatred. No objectivity, no facts, no proof, just their opinion. If it's their opinion, let them have their opinion, I don't care, it's not gonna stop me from liking Coldplay.

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^ Well the point of me saying that is that EVERYONE rags on Coldplay


Like all the time. Usually it's warrantless or logically fallacious


And I'm still a fan. You guys should be too :nice:


True, but my frustration comes from the fact that NME is, amazingly, a well respected magazine and has a lot of readers.


I don't like it when I realise that shit like this is being passed off as journalism and I get worried that it encourages others to do the same.


I like people doing their jobs properly.

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I am surprised they didn't mention Apple in the review. Because, hey, singer's children are as important for the quality of music as his wife's cooking abilities.

I wonder wheteher they have any vacancies now, 'cause I'd be happy to receive money for stupid insults of other people's music. I won't have to listen to the actual tracks really.

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At least in there he actually gives a review instead of just saying it sucks bollocks. And saying he doesn't care Chris' wife is a veggie, etc ..... which apparently he does, why else is he even mentioning it then?

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Don't worry, the NME sales figures are on a downward spiral with more people deciding that for music news it's faster to look online. The only thing going for the NME at the moment is the "exclusive" content, like interviews.


But I can see it soon going the way of other weeklies and going bi-weekly or even monthly.

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