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Coldplay/Keane/Muse trends.


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In the way they divided the fanbases. Plus, both made use of drum machines and other stuff like that. Things that aren't usually used on Rock songs (though both bands have been pushing boundries for their whole careers). They have completely different sounds but radiohead fans are saying "They're getting too electronic. Go back to The Bends era" and Coldplay fans are saying "They're getting too poppy. Go back to A Rush of Blood To The Head era".




Ok, I see what you're saying. But I just feel that TKoL is still on par with their direction sense Kid A. Radiohead has this awesome experimentation while still keeping their distinctive sound. I love how they're all over the place with their "genres" they toy with, even within a single song. I think Radiohead is far better off now then their alt rock days (bends, etc.) but I guess that's because I only started listening to them recently instead of growing up on the bends and ok computer.

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I'd say Coldplay's "controversial" albums (which I guess means divisive among fans in this case) go all the way back to X&Y.


I was lukewarm on TKoL but I'm not anywhere close to abandoning Radiohead's ship after it. If they write an MX, then I'll jump ship. ;)


Sorry if I sound rude, but I think that calling a bad "dead forever" is very stupid.

Even if a band/artist may make five consecutive shitty albums, they would be just some uninspired episodes. There's ALWAYS a possibility that they/he can make another masterpiece

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Thread title: Coldplay/Muse/Keane trends

Current discussion: Coldplay/Radiohead comparisons


It's funny how this kind of discussion here always goes down to Radiohead.



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OK Computer is totally better than Kid A.


That's a sick lie and you're an evil human being for thinking that way, I'm going to hate you intensely for having different opinion and musical taste than me. Kid A (by far), Hail to the thief, In Rainbows, Amnesiac, and then...Ok computer, TKoL, Bends, Pablo Honey is the only correct order.


Love these Radiohead discussions on coldplay forums.

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What is interesting is the fact the even though Coldplay is underrated and considered by many as Radiohead-lite, I can finish listening to their album with ease and enjoyment. Radiohead songs on the other hand needs patience and sometimes the right kind of mood for me to finish listening to their album esp. their electronic-infuenced songs.

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Keane it's not so bad... i mean minute 1:01:18 :sneaky:





Keane - Full Concert at St. Martin's College in London (April 27, 2012) - YouTube

That whole thing is hilarious! Even if you don't like Keane you should watch that interveiw!


Imagine if Tim had joined Coldplay...:\ :D :lol: :( :)



Jesse's favourite Keane songs: "Clocks and Fix You"?


Tom: "Alright, we'd like to play you a song called Fix You...no, we'd like to play a better song than that. It's called um..."

Crowd: "boooo..."

Tom: "No! no!"

(Poor Tom. :( )


Tom: "I prefer this next song. How 'bout that? It's called The Starting Line."

Tim: *plays intro to Clocks* "Living out my fantasy...it could've been me!"



These boys from Battle are brilliant!

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Not a big fan of Keane, but I've been a big Coldplay and Muse fan for years now.


I was very happy with the release of 'Survival' for the Olympics, especially the music is pretty epic. After a few listens I also liked 'The 2nd Law: Unsustainable', but 'Madness' really still has to grow on me. Don't get me wrong, the lyrics and Matt's timing are beautiful but I don't really think of it as a Muse track. I get that they are experimenting new influences, like dubstep on Unsustainable, but it's still too poppy for my taste. Maybe if it was a Coldplay track I might have liked it better.

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