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[26-SEP-2015] Global Citizen Festival, New York

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Well think of it this way, you are seeing Coldplay AND Beyonce AND Ed Sheeran AND Pearl Jam in CENTRAL PARK, NYC and it is for a wonderful cause. You just can't beat that! Once in a lifetime folks!


Don't get me hooked again. *shut up brain, SHUT UP :bomb: *

If you advertise it i will end up flying in from germany for a weekend. It's waaaay too far away and too expensive for a weekend trip.


I will enjoy it sitting on my couch or laying in my bed, depending on the time of night.

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They have to play at least 1, maybe 2 new songs, then a couple classics! [emoji3]


Maybe if chris is in the right mood they will play something new. I would say chances are 50/50. If they don't feel comfortable with what they have so far i fear they won't do it.

After all we have no idea where they are in the process of creating AHFOD.

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I would love for them to play White Shadows!!!


Probably not gonna happen. They only released it as a single in Latin America, and it wasn't really a classic like Politik. It's also sad that the only songs that they've every really played live after the X&Y era are Fix You and The Hardest Part. But, it would be great if they played it in a full set. I especially love the transition at the end of the song to Fix You. But, my guess for a setlist is:


1. Viva La Vida

2. Paradise

3. Clocks

4. Magic and/or ASFOS

5. Fix You

6. An Lp7 song (hopefully!)

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Probably this:

Clocks or Big New Single


Viva La Vida

Violet Hill or Yellow

ASFOS or Big New Single


BIG NEW SINGLE x TWO ....my wee little heart....arfghhhhh ...pleassseeee tell me it is trueeeeee[emoji7][emoji4]

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