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Make them both winners. They deserve it. It's alright, there can be exceptions to a rule (do you know the Hunger Games ? Normally only one person can survive and win. But once, for the first time ever, there were two winners - Peeta and Katniss aka Jennifer Lawrence-Martin)

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How about this: let's take a vote and see how people would want to break the tie:


1. Use cumulative votes as a tiebreaker (that's counting up every single vote placed for that song throughout the entire game).

2. Force me to change my vote.

3. Declare both Politik and AROBTTH to be winners (though this may cause a problem in the grand final elimination if these turn out to be the top 2 in that one as well haha)

4. Flip a coin.

5. The old tiebreaking system of "the next person to vote, even if you've already voted, will decide which is eliminated"

6. Wait for another user to vote.

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I cant decide!....

1 and 2 would definitely make Politik the winner....5 and 6 are the almost same thing.....3 would mess things up.....and could we trust you on 4?

I say do #6 and wait for 5-10 more hours, and if nothing, do #4 because it seems to be the only fair way

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I don't like option 1 because it definitely gives too much weight to a single person's vote (in this case mayrn, who has been voting AROBTTH for as long as I can remember...)


If we declare them joint winners, it would be nice to see how they will fare in the final all-winners' elimination round. And don't worry about ties there, by then the voring population will surely have fluctuated :)

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