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[2015-11-26] Chris Martin Interview with Zane Lowe (Beats 1)

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Chris Martin will be interviewed by Zane Lowe on Beast 1 Radio show next Wednesday at 9:30am PST.


Most importantly, Zane Lowe will premiere a new song from A Head Full Of Dreams during the interview.


Source: ColdplayAtlas.


Edit by Sparky - Chris Martin is on the Zane Lowe show on Thursday 26th November now.

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So stoked! The song will be HFTW i'm guessing

EDIT: Actually Zane might premiere Everglow and it would be released on iTunes right after. The track time is showing up on iTunes, 99% of the time that means it will be the next pre order single.

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PSA, anyone with an apple device should be able to listen to Beats 1, even without subscription. In your apple device go to the music app>radio (on the bottom)>should bring you to a screen that resembles the app store>theres a Beats1 logo top centre>select listen now and youre listening!


Show starts around 90 mins from now.

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