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Rank The Kaleidoscope EP Tracks


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1- all i can think about is you and hypnotised EP MIX (sorry , for me these two track are in the same place of my heart)

2- A L I E N S

3- miracles (SE)

4- sjlt (tokyo remix)


EP Rating: 10 out of 10 .. masterpiece

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The first post just so happens to feature the correct ranking

hey,thanks! I didn't think anyone would agree with my rankings. Everyone seems to love A L I E N S, and though I try, I can't seem to love it like everyone else.

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Can't ever rank Coldplay songs this is the best I've got:

1. Miracles (Someone Special)

3. A.L.I.E.N.S. / Something Just Like This

4. Hypnotised

5. All I Can Think About Is You


I put AICTAIY in last as it's the one I've listened to the least. I feel less of a connection with this song. But I still think all of these songs are absolutely brilliant, the level of this EP is incredible. I love all of it.

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All songs are good so it's hard to decide but this is my ranking:


1. All I Can Think About Is You (I love the mesmerizing style)

2. Hypnotised (When Chris say Jay!!:heart_eyes:)

3. Miracles (Someone Special) (I really like the final part)

4. A L I E N S (Radiohead style. Awesome!)

5. Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix) (So much better than the studio one)


Final vote: 8.5/10

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1) All I Can Think About Is You

2) A L I E N S

3) Hypnotised












































































4) Miracles (Someone Special)

5) Something Just Like This (Tokyo Mix)

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After all the hype, anticipation and a number of unexpected delays, here's my rank:


1. ALIENS - Imagine if this track was included in MX... Undeniably, their sessions with Eno was their peak in terms of creativity and I would say it's not hard to hear the difference between this kind of tune from their recent output.


2. All I Can Think About Is You - Somehow I found it hard to identify the 2nd and 3rd respectively because they have their own strengths (and weaknesses) but eventually pick the opener. The rhythm section deserves recognition here, from Guy's full-bodied bass to Will's emphatic blast at end. But the real hero is Jonny. That guitar riff makes me want to jump and punch the air. Indeed, it was a victory for us fans who loved their older material. Oh, I forgot to include that Chris' vocals reminded me of Parachutes era (For You, Sparks)


3. Hypnotised - A calm song that puts me in a peaceful state. I can imagine the crowd waving their hands while the band is playing the chorus part. Could be a bit dragging at times but I love the song. Perfect ender.


4. Miracles (Someone Special) - I like the groove and beat of this track and was really hooked by its melody. But somehow, after the excitement and hype went down, I grew tired of it.


5. Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix) - could have been better if it's really a remix of the original and not a live take. The crowd overpowered everything.

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1. Aliens - the strings are amazing and the 5 beats per measure gives it a sense of urgency and pulse!

2. All I Can Think About is You - the song old fans have been waiting for

3. Hypnotised - beautiful song! great music video too!

4. Miracles 2 - (imma call it this regardless of the actual title lol) but again the strings are great and has cool vibe to it

5. Something Just Like This - never liked the original as much as I tried to (I really don't like the Chainsmokers), but this mix gives a more "earthy" feel since it's live.

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