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Any bass players among us?


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I tend to just stare at my bass rather than play it...which is annoying my parents a bit because they bought it for me...and they went to so much trouble to get it...I will play it though...eventually :stunned: :D

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whoa!!! sweet!!!!! Lots of bassists here!!!!!! :D

I play for about one year now, and i luv it. I don't think i'm that good yet, but at least i can bass for most coldplay songs... i just have nightmares with the hard radiohead basses... :/ but they're the best! Gotta love paranoid android's bass!! :cool:


If you want to play some of Guy's cool bass you guys should learn shiver or daylight


oooh, that's so true. I luv bassing for shiver!! Another cool bass to play is clocks!

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