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I thought it was emo-screamo-cathedral-rock?

With a pinch of Reggae.

You're right, my bad.



Also theyre kicking Chris out of the band and replacing him with James Blunt



Dear God, I scared myself there for a minute:laugh3:

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42 is an awesome song, I particularly liked the middle part that sounds like Rammstein with a little Bach thrown in. Very uplifting yet evil sounding.


Sorry you guys haven't heard it yet. :P



Lol, you're right! I particularly loved Jonny's Glockenspiel solo. Kind of sounds like a cross between starlight and no surprises.

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That part was amazing.


I love how it builds up at the end though - it's my highlight of the album, aside from that appregio bit in Cemeteries of London. It rocks my socks off.


Oh yeah, is it just me or did that part in the second verse sound a little bit like weird fishes on the piano?

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Wow this thread is awesome...

I cracked up on CP death metal


talking about death metal.. is it possible to mix a CP song with death metal? just to know how it sounds..:laugh3::o

BTW, HAVE YOU REALLY LISTENED TO 42? or r you just kidding with us, cause if so..

(Naughties..wtf? Namby Pamby:laugh3: please!)

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