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The WORST song on the album!!!!!!

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Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends is almost perfect except one song- Lovers In Japan, I just don't like it that much, I may get to like it eventually but I don't at the moment and I am VERY surprised at it being the next single, I would of chose Yes or Strawberry Swing.... ANy one with me???

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It's my LEAST favorite, but weirdly it's my favorite song to sing along to. Especially when he starts wailing,

"They are turning my head out, too see what I'm all about, keeping my head down, to see what it feels like now..."

The rest of the songs I just listen to and absorb their awesomeness!

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I think it's reign of love. Not a bad song at all but it is the weakest. But I adore lovers in japan, I like the beat and the lyrics, amazing song.


spot on. sorry, but Reign Of Love is appaling, it really is , totally unnecessary part of the album IMO!!


LIJ is superb, interesting how 'clisja' feels its his/her least favourite song on the albumbut favourite to song along to??? :stunned:


nailed on next single for me, what else could they really release???

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For all the promise of growth and experimentation, Lovers and Japan is the song to feel most like all the other Coldplay singles. It's pleasant and a natural choice for radio play but certainly not my favorite on the album. And I too don't understand the hate for Reign of Love. That's a serious piece of beautiful music. Doesn't anyone appreciate how difficult simplicity is?

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My favorite song on the album (maybe tied with Cemetaries). I really dig not only the pace of the song, but the constantly-changing sounds of guitar and keyboard in the background, especially in the second half of the song. It really brings a happy mood to this part of the album.

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i have listened to it alot more now and I now do like it but I still think it is my least favourite on the album, heres my order of favourites...


Viva La Vida

Yes (Chinese Sleep Chant)


Cementries of London

Strawberry Swing

Violet Hill


Death And All His Friends

Life In Technicolor

Lovers in Japan (Reign of Love)



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i like all these songs way to much right now, and i absolutely refuse to pick a favorite cuz they all have so many great parts.


but lovers in japan is just such a bloody brilliant song imo. i mean, the acoustic version just blew me away, and the album version ive gotten into after many listens. the chorus hit me cuz i feel the same way right now, with all this college crap going on. everyone's trying to figure on whats going inside, and im just keeping me head down.


it really spoke to me on so many levels


so i cant say i think its a bad song at all really

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i dont really like picking favourites either and I have kind of changed my mind about my favourites because they are all ace! i havnt heard the acoustic version of lovers in japan, would someone be able to send it to me???


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