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Fantastico! Next Coldplay album will be released by Christmas, hopes Chris Martin - FULL VIDEO IN FI


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I have a slow computer what was the Guy/album story summarized? :D


Near the final days of recording AROBTTH, Guy had a copy of it and and left it on a train on accident. Something like "COLDPLAY - 2ND ALBUM" was clearly written on it. This was long before the release date, so someone could have just picked the CD up and leaked the entire album to the whole world.


Thankfully, no one did. Guy was so worried, but he didn't tell the rest of the band what happened for six months.

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Heey, you KNOW that Will's mine ahahahahahahha. And GUY's yours.

:sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::wink3::cool: Ok, then. Will is yours. And good luck in your concert in.. 2 days! :dead::freak::dance::deance:

Sending a lot of Coldplay Karma to you :kiss:


I thought they were gonna mention the LRLRL, though... I hope we recieve 'em...

If the people @ BA na d the people @ Bogota are going to receive it, we are going too! :dance:

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Yay!! Globo News (the news channel of "TV Globo") aired today a longer version of the interview!! :dance: It's just Chris and Jonny's part and it's quite long actually :D And some parts already aired are missing like the Simpsons and Guy losing AROBTTH ones.


In the beggining of it the interviewer says (in portuguese) it was recorded inside the band's studio, in a discreet, dead end street in the north of London. Does this description fit The Bakery?? What is 'across the street' after all?? :P



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^ Longer version has popped up on You Tube :)


Edit: Oh booo first one stops working at about 5 mins in.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elaadhtM5EM]YouTube- Coldplay interview Globo News_ parte 1[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97OGCgCrCYs]YouTube- Coldplay interview Globo News_ parte2.[/ame]

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I've butchered the code from another embed, here is the full version. Also added to the first post :)


<object width="480" height="392"><param value="http://video.globo.com/Portal/videos/cda/player/player.swf" name="movie" /><param value="high" name="quality" /><param value="midiaId=1228860&autoStart=false&width=480&height=392" name="FlashVars" /><embed width="480" height="392" flashvars="midiaId=1228860&autoStart=false&width=480&height=392" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" src="http://video.globo.com/Portal/videos/cda/player/player.swf"></embed></object>

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i really really really hope that this album does come out this year.


i hope that coldplay and that emi dont do anything to hold it up! i say coldplay because they have often delayed their releases quite a bit.


the best part of all this, and the reason i'm most hopeful for a release this year, is that chris said that all the songs are good.


i have never seen chris this confident. i mean...CHRIS CONFIDENT?! :shocked2:


it doesn't happen often. and if that confidence pays off in a release this year I would be soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! :dance:


it'd be like i never had to take a break from coldplay for like...3 or 4 years hahaha. i havent stopped listening to vlv this whole time (i mean for any great length of time - never for more than 3 days). that has never happened with any other album! and i'm sure it has to do with prospekt's march and lrlrl keeping me busy (along with the concert i attended) but it's still pretty amazing!


please please please release the album this year!


and i couldn't care less if wedding bells or spanish rain (don quixote) are on it!


imho neither will make the cut.



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Just a small update from this month's Q mag:


"We've been in the studio for six months now. Brian Eno is with us, but he's got a kind of catflap, so he can come and go as he pleases. We might get a couple of songs out before Christmas...It sounds a bit like jazz fusion...That might be a lie, but I don't mind another lie in the list of fucking lies!"

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