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I thought I’d never post this but I just want to say bye. Since having an opinion is something you can’t do here I’m leaving. Maybe I’ll come back once the things change here, I hope I will, but I don’t want to be here right now, there are too many bad things on this forum but the admin are too blind to see it.


I feel a bit sad because of all the effort I’ve put on coldplaying things such a secret santa, postcards project and multimedia section is not being recognized. I feel like all the time spent here means nothing now, because some people is not humble enough to recognize their mistakes. And they don’t do the right things to make everyone happy


I’d also like to say thanks to everyone who made this place so special for me once. Thanks to everyone for the friendships, music, and things I’ve learned in the past years. Even my English level is way better than it was when I joined. I met too many nice people here. Too bad there are also some people who in their need of attention end up screwing the forum and ruining it for everyone else.


Special thanks to Ren, Christa, Noelia, Pris, Julia, Mimi, Julie, Anna, Briggins, James, Pete, Chris, Livia, Rudy, Min, Angie, Kirsten, Allison, Imke, Perrine, Hester, Chavi, Carla, Antonia and everyone else who was nice and friendly with me

Bye guys, I’ll miss you all and you know if you want to contact me you will find me or you can ask Ren or Christa my email address and stuff. Sorry if I couldn't mention you all, but my memory is terrible.



PS to the admin: putting people on my ignore list without asking me it’s very authoritarian, I can’t even browse the forum properly. Since I’m not a mod anymore grandpa can put me on his ignore list if he wants and I’d still be able to properly see all the threads. If this is not an invitation to leave, I don’t know what else it is.



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Bye lore. I will miss you. Like: seriously. And I might be getting all sentimental now but another member of the good old days leaving:(thank you for this great contribution to this board. All the things you've mentioned were perfectly organized and you've so much respect from of for that. And that's why you deserved to be miss coldplaying the last years;)goodbye sweet lore:bigcry: I will miss you

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