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Official Tracklist!!!

Jedi Leo

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15 tracks actually!!! Anyone else notice when pairing up symbols that the Car Kids symbol comes between CB and UATW? 15 tracks i think, Car Kids is a hidden one!!! :D


Great find! But now MMIX or Us against the World doesn't have a symbol..!

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So the CK symbol is for Us Against The World?


No, because that would mean all the symbols shift up one :confused: so the ETIAW has to match. I reckon MMIX is an instrumental so doesn't get its own symbol, and Car Kids is a hidden track at the end of Charlie Brown!!! :D

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Yes. More homosexual, actually, than two men having sex: A level of gayness not yet reached by humanity.

Exactly. Figures Coldplay would be the one to break that glass ceiling of gayness. :P


Some terrible track names for sure, and ETIAW into Major Minus has to be the album transition from hell (at least I can skip it in one chunk), but at least the latter half of the album is stacked with thus-far unheard material.

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14 songs? I bet a couple of tracks are very short instrumental/intermissions like MX, MMIX & A Hopeful Transmission.


Might be completely wrong but thats my guess!


I hope not!! I really want them to be decently lengthed tracks. 3.5 to 5 mins hopefully (I know it;s asking a lot...)

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I'm disappointed that ETIAW is on the album. Not because I don't like it, but because now the artwork won't be on my phone since Moving to Mars' official artwork is the EP's text on white. (I'm a fanatic for having all the single artworks with their respective B-sides as tracks.)

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