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Official Tracklist!!!

Jedi Leo

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I've mentioned it before, but I am severely glad all of our prediction of hearing half the album turned out to be false. All the festival songs are great, and the only song I plan on listening to is "Paradise" until October 24.


We love you, Coldplay! You made my day.

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I'M EXCITED. No more cynicism from me (although I never really was about anything other than the ETIAW title)!!!!!!! I'm ecstatic that there are so many songs, and I can't wait for the songs we haven't heard (especially Up in Flames since R42 keeps talking it up) :dance: Overall, I'm super super pleased! Also, I'm not going to criticize titles before I hear the songs themselves.


I also love the symbols at the bottom, that is awesome.


Now I think I'll avoid listening to any other new songs that they debut live, because I want to leave some surprises for the album release!

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We have to give some credit to the boys. I think that it is a fantastic tracklisting, especially considering that it has 14 tracks. Furthermore, there is at least one track (M.M.I.X.) which we have never heard about. I concur with the comment that the transition from ETIAW to Major Minus won't be the best one, but we already got such transition in the ETIAW-EP. The best thing about this tracklisting is the fact that each song get's its own symbol, which I think it is pretty original. I really hope Mylo Xyloto is the only instrumental but I really doubt it given the rule on album's time that the band has. But who knows, I never expected a 14 tracks album. With that being said, I am now sure that I won't hear to anything else after Paradise in order to save half of the album (7 tracks) for the moment when I hear the whole thing for the first time. It's getting closer folks, the boys are back and I am sure they will rock the world AGAIN.

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Before anyone else posts this I might as well do it :P


The symbols each represent each song (obviously)


MX= Mylo Xyloto (that's a given)

Swirl= HLH (no idea)

Butterfly= Paradise. It's on the flippin single art work

Flower= Charlie Brown. Bright red rose

CK= Us against the world. I'm thinking Car Kids became UATW and it's just a reference

M.M.I.X= Wand type thing. I think we'll understand why it's represented by that when we hear the song

Tear= Every TEARDROP is a waterfall, again a given.

Eye= Major Minus. One eye on the road and one on you.

Spaceship= U.F.O, given

Crown= Princess of China, given

Flame= Up in Flames, given

Antenna= A hopeful transmission, a antenna transmits information, audio, etc.

Broken Heart= Don't let it break your heart, given

Bird= Up with the birds, given.


Let's try to find out the wand type thing and the swirl ^.^

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Me too. Chris said it would be on the end, they played it as the set closer, it just doesn't make too much sense.


Maybe it'll be a transition into a quieter second half of the record, like Daylight on AROBTTH (not counting A Whisper)? :shrug:




PS- I hate MTM, so I'm glad it's not on there :P It's actually one of only 3 Coldplay songs that I don't like.

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I must admit I'm not a fan of some song titles and that Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall looks weird just stuck in the middle there, but I'm sure it'll all sound fine when we hear the album. There will no doubt be a lot (6, maybe 7) singles from this depending on how long they're touring for.


And like I said, I'm expecting the album to be lengthy. 55-70 minutes I think. Which could be a problem, I mean their longest album so far is X&Y and I am not a fan of that album at all, it just can't hold its own weight in my opinion.

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Oh dear, 14 songs? I guess Chris won out and got what he wanted. I hope it's not too long like X&Y. The only surprise on the tracklist is MMIX, which is Roman Numerals for 2009. The rest we already knew the titles of.


Now we can finally stop all those silly tracklisting threads. Disappointed to see ETIAW on there but if there's a new mix and it works well in the context of the album I might change my mind about the song and learn to like it.

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