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Paradise Clip! (YouTube clip now in first post)


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I just did some major digging (have been for the past week), and finally found a sound clip for anyone willing to listen before release!




Enjoy :D I hope I stick on this site for a while.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sTvtP3_Dk8]Coldplay's new single Paradise Snippet - YouTube[/ame]

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And dreamed of para-para-paradise...


Yeeeeeeah...I'm probably not gonna like this one. Will reserve judgment for now, but it's certainly a pop number. Fortunately not dancey synth crap like ETIAW, but still.


exactly my thoughts.

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Different? : Yes

Bad? : No


Also, it appears some can't view it depending on where they live, so here is another link

*link removed*


Maybe OP can put in first post?


If for some reason that one doesn't work I also just got done doing one as well xD Might as well post it since I did it.


*link removed*

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