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Guesses on when the Ghost Stories Tour will start?


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:( I thought they meant they would tour here first...I predict a lot of disappointed and angry comments/tweets their way if/when this European tour is announced. I know we should be used to always being last but this time they had said they would "definitely" have Latin America at the front of their minds...:\

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I wouldn't be surprised to see some type of east coast (NYC) dates in the future. I remember reading that Chris said no big tour was planned at this time, just random small shows like these.


I did hear that they will be in NYC soon but don't know when. It was another "inside" source.

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I think that wherever and whenever they tour that they have to come to Ireland. They played here in 2011 as headliners on the last night of the Oxegen Festival but never came back during the actual MX tour which surprised me as they've always come to Ireland on their tours.


Also I'm going to be in Sunderland from September on for university so planning on seeing them in Newcastle (nearest city), Liverpool (where I'm from) and here in Ireland when/if they come here.


Love the sound of an intimate tour, it wouldn't surprise me either, they've wanted to do one since they finished touring the VLVODAAH album.

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I would guess some more warmup shows at these small venues before they are ready for a full production, like the rumored European tour starting in August...


I think wembley in august sounds unlikely. I don't know why i just think it is. Don't get me wrong i would love a stadium tour in the summer. I would definitely come to London to see a show or two but right now i'm just not feeling it.

Maybe though because chris was talking about how this album won't have a big tour, they are playing european stadiums this summer, South America in the winter and North America after that.

It wouldn't be as big as MX and yet they would have gone to their regular destinations. :thinking:

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