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I am currently listening to....

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One of my favourites these days:        

There's an indie artist I love named Tyler Shaw, whose solo project is known as Aviators. He has made some incredible music, especially over the last five or so years. He's known for music inspired by


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X Marks The Spot


(it just came up on shuffle and i was surprised how emotionally laden it was for me...it reminds me of the desolate, cold and lonely winter 2015/16 during which I first heard it and of my alienation at the time... :-/)

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I was just looking through some videos of performances and this one came along a little later;



(This show was exactly played 8 years ago, yesterday. And uploaded, 8 years ago, tomorrow. WHAT THE HELL! :cheesy:)

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I just found this fantastic group called ''The Indian Jam Project''. They make Indianised arrangements of movie and show themes and it sounds absolutely gorgeous *-*


The BBC Sherlock theme


The Pirates of the Caribbean theme

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Guest diogo_sg

For You


Lying under a sky full of stars while a cool breeze flows around me during this warm summer night.

If this isn't one of the reasons to be happy, then I don't know what could be...

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Just Imagine It - MKTO



I love this song and its message, the lyrics kind of remind me of AHFOD


"Somewhere off in outerspace

There's a world no wars, no hate

Where all the broken hearts are safe

I don't know where it is

I just imagine it

Somewhere, far off pass the stars

Where the lights shines in the dark

Where you could be just who you are

I don't know where it is

I just imagine it"

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hey tribe...just to stop by and say hello and to send some love :D

right now listening to something i adore, feels like my alterego #mermaidInLove

with amazing parov stelar

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