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One of my favourites these days:        

There's an indie artist I love named Tyler Shaw, whose solo project is known as Aviators. He has made some incredible music, especially over the last five or so years. He's known for music inspired by


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This makes me really nostalgic, it used to be my favorite song for quite some time when I was around 10 years old...

Haha, that was one of my favorite songs when I was 12. I still kinda like Owl City but I've mostly moved on to other genres and artists... I haven't heard Fireflies in a long time so hearing it again just made me really nostalgic, too.

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The new Bastille album. I know a lot of people dont like them, but I think this album will change your opinion. It's more unique and diverse.



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I haven't listened to it yet but I'm really looking forward to it! I loved all the singles so far so I feel like I'll love the album as well:)


EDIT: I LOVE it, I think I listened through it around five times already:D

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