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Vampire Weekend

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you're pretty right about the lack of variety, i would say, but i don't know, i've been kind of treating the album as an entire piece of work rather than a group of songs. which is interesting, because usually i like whole albums but pick and choose my favorite songs, but with this one it seems to be that if i'm going to listen to it, i'm going to listen to the entire thing straight through.

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Try them out! Vampire Weekend is easy-listening and puts you in a good mood.

((The closest comparison I can put them with is The Shins))


True that VW's songs do sound a bit similar, but nonetheless they're refreshing at the moment (or at least to me, anyway). I love the indie/classic/afropop style combinations. Even better, it's only their first album. This band holds some promise. :)


I was exposed to "Mansard Roof" and "Ladies of Cambridge" before "A-Punk" had hit the radio stations (LoC isn't on the latest album, btw).


"Oxford Comma" and "I Stand Corrected" are my favorites right now.

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I've had a listen to some tracks, and I like Mansard Roof quite a lot. Oxford Comma is also quite catchy.

Some one compared them to The Shins, but I sort of like the Shins sound better though. Their songs are much more lush compared to this band, and I love them to death. But still, Vampire Weekend don't sound bad at all.

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i got to see them perform at Coachella...



...and i have to say that they're just 'okay.'

there's been too much hype over them, i guess. :\


I saw them here in Chicago a few months back. Unfortunately their sound does not translate very well in the live setting.

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